Unable to Log in, cameras not working

I have had my cameras for 12 hours, they worked fine for 2 hours last night then stopped working. I kept getting notifications of movement, but then an error code when I tried to see what it was. I followed steps I found here to resolve the issue, including reconnecting to wifi, where I got a “network connection failed” error again. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it, but now I can’t log into my account, it just says “can’t log in at this time”. I can’t request a new password, because again an error pops up and I can’t even set up a new account because the button doesn’t work. I downloaded the app they said to download to try to see if it’s my wifi, but it just says that it can’t connect to the blink servers. Is this something I should expect from a “security” company? Why have cameras if they don’t work? I could save myself a lot of trouble and headache and just get fake cameras if I want something that doesn’t work.

I have tried contacting support, but I get nothing.

While waiting for them to respond I have done the following:

  • Checked for a VPN on my phone, do not have one active
  • Updated my phone - no change
  • Deleted the Blink app and re-installed - can’t log in
  • Turned off home router - no change
  • Reset the module, multiple times, which resulted in the green light blinking and the blue light being solid now.