Uk blink app asked for mobile number

Blink app for me and my Dad asked for us to add mobile number, not sure if it was ever on the app, then get email from Blink to say let us know if we did not change it, well we only did at request of the app?
Is this just automated emails and they want mobile to verify login etc?

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Thanks Joel, yeah understand why they want it, was just email after suggesting they didn’t ask for it and to contact them if I didn’t decide to add it or revise which I didn’t they asked in the app for it.

The phone number thing is a popular subject it plenty of previous posts. Blink is getting bad press due to it. They tried to force it and have since recently backed down to using email only for customers that don’t want to give out their phone number.

My take, there are so many companies out there that already have your cell phone number (you forgot you gave it to them) that having one more company with your number is no big deal. As in why the hell did you give social media and e-commerce companies your phone number? Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon, etc. No problem there but now Blink wants it for two factor authentication and people are crying about that.

The difference, being asked or being forced. When Blink forced you to do it thus disabling your camera system until you can log in via email AND phone number. Being forced was a Blink fukup and they know it. Kind of like being forced to wear a mask. Next up, being forced to get a vacination shot. OBEY Muther F-er. It’s just a mask, what’s the big deal?! It’s just your phone number, what’s the big deal?! Besides, it’s for your own good.

See a pattern yet?

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Had same thing, now blink doesn’t connect properly.
Tried to add phone number, not overly bothered, but get constant error.
Sort it out blink.

I see yeah now remember seeing this somewhere else!
My Dad had all sorts of issues with adding number, and in end a phone re-start sorted it.
It does seem a bit extreme to force it and can’t use until do it.