Two Questions

Sent the following to Blink support, but thought I’d run this by you guys as well;

Good evening,

These two questions are regarding our Blink home security system under our family account of: *************************

First question: Why on our outside cameras, can I not set temperature alerts/thresholds above 90 degrees and below 40 degrees - when your technical specifications/white-paper shows an operating temperature range of -4° to 113° F?

Second question: Can I somehow set/make the Night Vision “red light” on the outside cameras come on when triggered/tripped, but not actually turn on the Night Vision feature? Asking, because my outside lighting is adequate enough to where I don’t need the actual Night Vision, but would like the red light along with the blue light to come on each time as it looks more intimidating and visually stands out more.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Here’s my take:

  1. The operating temp range is the range at which the camera (including the temp alert sensor) will reliably operate. The temp alert sensor is designed to alert you at 40 - 90 degrees. They really are 2 separate things.

  2. No you can’t because the night vision is what turns on the red light not vice versa. That red light is the IR illuminator which the night vision turns on when triggered.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ron,

Thank you for your feedback. That was my gut feeling on both. Appreciate!

***Side question: Any news on a new/next generation of Blink cameras coming out soon and or any suggested material/site(s) I can read up on regarding?


You’re welcome. I haven’t heard of anything new coming down the pike (I’m a customer just like you) and Blink is very tight about letting future plans out.

Agreed, I can’t find much regarding future plans and or software/hardware technology upgrades.

Have great week!


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