Two locations

Hi, I have three cameras outside at one location with WiFi, I want to add two more at another property with a different WiFi, I’m unable to get another app, please help.
Kind regards Iain

Setup second location. Both locations (systems) will be accessible from the Blink app…anywhere.

It’s all on the cloud!

With another sync module, and the two cameras, you can easily add the second property to your existing app, on the same account. Job done.

If you want separate log in credentials then your options are more tricky, because, as you point out, under normal circumstances you can only have one instance of the app. Like any app, if you try to add it when you already have it, it tells you it’s already installed.

This having been said, if you use Android, you can utilise a feature called profiles, to separate an area of your phone to run any duplicate apps you want. I tested this with Blink, and it works perfectly. I stopped using it for Blink, it serves no purpose for me, I only used it for testing with Blink, but I currently still use it to have an area dedicated for my elderly mother.

As more and more services almost require you to have a smart phone, with an app, I virtually had no choice but to utilise it to manage my mother’s affairs. With her not having a smart phone, and not being capable if she had, I created a profile, specifically for her, on my Android phone. In there I can run apps just for her, such as mobile banking, electricity provider, gas provider, and phone provider, etc. Very useful indeed.

Google ‘Android work profile’ and you will be able to find out exactly how to implement it.