Two Blink systems

Can someone possibly confirm something.

I have had an indoor system for over a year. The cameras and module work nicely.

I recently purchased my girlfriend a two camera XT system. I set it up under my account but was hoping it didn’t need to be this way. By setting her up under my account (email) all our recordings are dumped into the file together. I would have rather set her up with her own account but I believe there is a flaw in how Blink allows multiply systems. If I made her separate then I could not have her cameras and mine under a single Android app with two systems visible and would have to sign out of mine and sign into hers. The flaw is we are a couple and I (and she) would like to get each others notifications but wanted the videos kept separate.

Is there any way to have two separate accounts on the same App for notifications and camera viewing without having to sign in and out if I created them separate.

Confusing I know… Didn’t really know how to explain it. Looking forward to some opinions. Thanks everyone.:+1:t2:

No multi user accounts or account sharing yet

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Like @A_Person stated, at the present time you can’t share under one user account the way you’re wanting to.

Your choices are create two (2) separate accounts, one (1) for your girlfriend & one (1) for yourself, which will require you to sign in & out of the accounts in order to access camera settings, video clips, etc., OR you can have each set of cameras combined under one (1) user account and switch back & forth between under the drop down, which from your post is the way I believe you currently have things set up. Unfortunately, the latter dumps all the video clips from both systems into the same shared video clip folder.

Hey @gameout,

Unfortunately at the moment there is now way to separate clips out if they are under the same account, and no way to switch quickly between account without logging in and out. There have been many threads in the Community discussing how we can best fix this, such as clips showing up in different folders, or something of the like. The mobile team is aware of the strong requests for greater organization of clips, so I will keep you all updated if I learn anything more. Please feel free to share any further ideas you have about how we can improve this feature!

Please enter your wish list for Blink app/camre updates or features to this thread.

@gameout You could set up her account separate and use the SmartThings interface to get notifications and live view, but not recordings.

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Blink: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this “feature.” I have 3 systems at 3 different sites, with 3 different users who all need different levels of access.

User 1: Site 1 and Site 2 (currently setup)
User 2 Site 1, Site 2, and Site 3 (???)
User 3" SIte 3 only (???)

We have dropped about $1k on hardware so far with the plan to add more, we just need to get this functionality added to the platform.

Thanks in advance, the sooner the better on this… seriously.

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Nick, when are you going to get a definitive answer on when this will be available? You’ve be saying the same thing over and over with no commitment to this relatively basic feature.