Turning off system on purpose

We have a camp on the lake. We need to be able not only to disarm but to turn off live view to protect our privacy when we are there. Should we just unplug the sync module. Or disconnect it from the Internet. Creepy that live view is available when cameras disarmed

Creepy how? The live view is only streaming through blink servers in the cloud to your device when you are using the app and tap on the live view icon. It’s not just “on” all the time.

Do you share your Blink login info with other people?

No. But our friends who borrow the place from us periodically would be uncomfortable with the live view option. We would like to tell them to unplug the sync module while there. Is that ok?

Sure. If you unplug the sync module, the system will not function at all.

But if you do this will it erase all your settings and you have to start over?

No. Everything will come back just as it was.