Turning off auto delete

I’ve seen old topic discussions on turning off “auto delete” of recorded videos. Those were from a year or two ago and it seemed there was no way to do this at that time.
Now that it is July 2020 does anyone know if blink has updated the ability to turn off the auto delete? I’m only at 20% storage capacity and have it set to one years worth of storage however, we should have the ability to allow those videos to remain on there indefinitely as long as we are not nearing full capacity.

Does anyone know if we can turn this off?

I do not believe so, but what’s the reason you might want them in the app for more than a year? That’s more than enough time to download those important videos to multiple, duplicate, locations, so that you can’t be at risk of losing your data. Even if they were to allow unlimited storage, assuming you do not exceed your capacity, would it be wise to allow a single provider, albeit Amazon, who are good at such things, to be in charge of your only location?

No way I would do that, but I have no knowledge of why you want to keep them up there, which is why I asked at the start.

Where do you normally store them to? I know I can “share” it to my iPhone which has the app on it but then it takes up space in my phone’s camera roll. I guess I could always just email them to myself and just save it that way. Wasn’t sure if other people have easier ways of doing it

But you made a valid point with Amazon/big brother always watching!!! That’s why i delete what my Echo picks up in the background! LOL

They’re actually just pictures of my yard, nature etc. with some cute or unique moments captured (mother & baby deer) that some of my elderly relatives enjoy looking at. It’s just easier for me to hop on the app and scroll down to my saved videos to show them. However I’m open to suggestions ways to store them easily

Store them wherever you want. There are many download options. Personally I share them with whatsapp web. It’s really simple, once set-up. Since you can’t normally send a message to yourself, I tricked whatsapp by creating a group with a friend. I called the group, “File transfer”. On creation, that had me and my friend in the group. I then deleted him from the group, leaving only me. Then, when I want a Blink video, I simply click on share, pick whatsapp, and choose my File transfer group, which is now only me. Now, by accessing whatsapp web on my PC, I can do with the file whatever I want.

If you have issues with space on your phone, you probably already have a routine for backing up your data elsewhere, such as to your PC, Mac, or to some other apple based cloud mechanism, of which I know nothing. If you do, just run that routine more often, and make sure it includes the location to which Blink videos are stored when you choose to download them to your phone.

As you said, email them to yourself.

Incidentally, I think you were joking, but I didn’t mean to imply that Amazon or Blink are big brother and can’t be trusted not to spy on us. My point was merely that if you rely only on them, not only do you run the risk of losing them with the auto delete function, you run the risk of them losing your account altogether. It happens, or even if you lose access to your own account, and can’t convince them it is yours to reopen it, etc, etc. I just meant don’t ever rely on a single location, it can only lead to disappointment.

Good luck with your choice.

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Thank you so much for your help and suggestions! For now I guess the quicker way is to email them to myself just to get them off the Blink app because they are being deleted day by day.

Just wish blank would give the option to turn off the auto delete especially if you still have plenty of space in the memory

And with this day and age I don’t trust anyone so it is for the better I remove them OR My account be deleted like you had said

You have up to a year for an auto delete setting. If you haven’t back up an important got to have it video in over a year…clearly it wasn’t really that important. Or you haven’t had a hard drive crash recently and forgot what it was like to loose everything. Whatever the situation is, the disipline is on the owner’s end. It’s always sunny in cloud storage till it storms.