Turn off Notifications on multiple phones

I understand that one account can be used for multiple logins. My question is, can each person that logs in on their own phone turn off the notifications for that specific phone or will it affect every phone? I actually don’t want any notifications on my phone, but don’t want it to affect the others that do want them on theirs.

Since you are forced to log in on any device with the same 1 email account. Any changes made from one device will carry over to any others sharing the same account.
This is yet another wonderful flaw of Blink. Now add the forced 2 Factor to this and you have even more crap!

Including the accidental or even the on purpose but don’t tell changes to the camera settings, deletion of video clips, messing around with scheduling, arm/disarm, the list goes on and on.

The 3-1/2 years or so I have been here, the first and formost thing Blink owners want is something that they didn’t buy. Although they will gladly take updates/upgrades that are free. That’s not a Blink thing, rather it’s a human nature thing.

You’ll remember me as the guy that says Blink is kept dumbed down on purpose so it doesn’t infringe on Ring sales. You can’t have Ring features and benefits but at the Blink price tag. Amazon is not that stupid. Although that forced pay for cloud subscription stuff just may prove to be very stupid on Amazon’s end. Who knows, it’s still in the test marketing stage thus why free trial of cloud keeps getting extended.

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Notifications are device specific, or they are in my case. Just try it, you can find out in 5 minutes, tops. Turn off notifications in your device, go to the other device and make sure they are still on, they will be. Trigger a motion event, or wait for one if remote from the site. If you don’t get a notification and the other device does, bingo.

Way too many users out there are not going to realize the difference in notifications via the mobile app vs. notifications via the individual phone settings. For Sutty’s example to work, the Blink mobile app’s notifications have to be on. Then each individual phone can control it’s own notifications on/off via phone settings.

Regarding sharing the Blink account over multiple phones, anybody at anytime can change the Blink settings unbeknownst to the other users of the Blink shared account. That’s where the wtf experience comes in. As in hey all the sudden I’m not getting notifications anymore, wtf!

Sharing one individual account is a bad idea. Microsoft users figured that about 15 years ago. Lots of kids screwing up their parent’s computer was the norm.

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I tried to change the notifications settings both through my phone and through the app, but its actually the same thing (android os). The app takes me to my individual phone settings and vice versa. The only thing I can think of to not get these notifications is to uninstall the darn app lol.

I stay 100 miles away from home 2 weeks at a time and my wife works nights so I can’t test turning off the notifications on one phone to see if it affects the others until next week, but will eventually try it and let you guys know my findings.

Granted, being a long way away from the other device makes it more tricky, but you can still test it, in co-ordination with your wife. Call her, turn them off on your device, ask her to check if they are still enabled in her device. They will be. Then ask her to trigger an event. If she gets the notification, and you do not, then you have solved it.

Moreover, when you go into the app, to disable Blink notifications, you will see that the wording is. “Notifications from this app are blocked.” strongly implying that is this app instance only.

Here I have a screen shot from two devices, logged into the same account, one with notifications on, and one with them off, at the same time.