Turn Off Alerts Per Camera

Terrible statement made without any proof whatsoever, even if you are joking. Ironic that among them all Wyze is the best option. I can’t wait until they release their outdoor cameras. Wyze is the most incredibly responsive company I’ve experienced and such a stark difference with Blink on the customer service front. They seem to quickly add features and products left, right and center per customer wants/wishes - you can’t really hope for more. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate Blink and what the company tries to stand for and have seen steadily added features (like alexa integration and activity zones, etc), I just don’t get the radio/forum silence and that features take so long to be added.

I’m just here for a +1 for adding some sort of way to either have the camera notify less or for a way to schedule notifications per camera and allow it to stay armed and recording. My scenario is that even at the least sensitive setting, I’m getting triggers when the sunlight brightens and darkens (clouds, I guess) and it is incredibly annoying. My cameras are not in super high traffic areas, they’re purposely in places where the only thing they trigger for are people or cars passing by and they work (perfectly) this way, especially at nights but in the daytime, oy, yoy, yoy. So yeah, I’d love them to just notify me during a certain time OR use an algorithm that doesn’t spam my devices during the day time (Yi cameras have a “low alert” option that causes a cooldown to occur). I’d love both these features, actually!

I’m also wondering when the USB port on the sync module is going to be utilized for storing clips, as promised in their initial Kickstarter.

Where is recorded video stored?
Blink’s default setting will store all video on our secure servers. Additionally, the Sync Module will be upgraded (for all backers) to include a USB port that will allow users the option to send video clips directly to on-board storage.

Last updated: Wed, August 13 2014 9:19 AM EDT

Does Blink save to online storage services?
Not just yet. Initially, all video clips will be saved to Blink’s secure server or the on-board USB storage located in the Sync Module.

Last updated: Wed, August 13 2014 9:19 AM EDT

Hey go buy Wyze if it makes you happy. Myself, I’m done supporting China. After this caronaviris disaster is done, made in USA is going to be even more meaningful. Yes I know Blink is made in China. I’m not spending any more money on Blink either.

I agree. I want a way to still record but not get notified. Please make the necessary update Blink.

This is incorrect on so many levels. Protectionism is not only bad for the world but bad for the local country. Import quotas, tariffs, export subsidies, etc do not only increase price levels for the local economy but they also create deadweight loss that harms the welfare state.

Even if we ignore the obvious negative impact it has on society and the economy, it is pragmatically impossible avoiding anything that supports China. What technology are you going to buy that doesn’t have its components or even its materials sourced from China or Chinese companies? Can you name anything? Even products made and assembled in the USA have ties to Chinese companies, investors, or… the Chinese supply chain. Made in the USA != made without any Chinese input… lol.

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You can’t get away from it 100% I agree. But you can 100% quit buying things that say made in China. You can also quit shopping at Walmart as most of their inventory is items shipped in from China. Support and buy things that say made in USA. There is a hell of a difference between Chinese influence and made in China.