Troubleshoot Activity Zone issue on XT2

First off… I’ve had my Blink camera for a week and am quite impressed. There is a lot of value here for the price. I picked it up to discourage porch thieves, unfortunately a recent trend in our neighborhood.

I am trying to set the Activity Zone so it triggers when someone walks on our porch, but does not trigger for people walking down the sidewalk or driving by. Sensitivity is set to 5. Pictures say everything, so I am including my current Activity Zone, followed by 8 images taken from the first frame of a set of triggered videos. In each of these, the video was triggered by a person or car within the Grey Zone.

Most (but not all) of these false triggers happened in the afternoon when the front porch is bathed in sunlight. Most (but not all) also seem to happen when someone enters from the right, well within the Grey Zone.

Perhaps I don’t really understand how Activity Zones work. It is baffling to me that any of these scenes triggered the camera. Any thoughts?

And here are the photos…

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Have exactly the same problem, hope it gets sorted soon. Have just lowered my sensitivity to three to see if that helps, will revert.


This problem is a pain in the you know where! LOL. They just did a firmware update on the XT2’s and it most likely messed up your zones. Try this: Delete the zones, take a new snapshot, reenter the zones. Should fix it until the next update. Hopefully they’ll get this sorted out soon. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Thank you for the tip! I’ll try that out and let you know how things go.

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Possibly the mapping between the gray and the picture isn’t exactly right. Also shadows cast or light reflected by passers-by might be a factor. Perhaps refresh the snapshot and gray 1 at least more block in each column see if that result is more suitable. The railing up the stairs column probably needs 3 additional blocks grayed, the porch railing definitely shows sidewalk thru the railing. Wind might move your plants? Perhaps gray out the plants to rule them in or out. You can always un-gray later. Cheers.

Hint…if you don’t want to see the vehicles going by on the street, why is the camera looking at the street? Pivot camera mount - you can use snapshot or live view for exact camera positioning.

I dont recall XT2 activity zones works better than XT1. Assuming this is true, activity zones is a helpful tool for filtering out false positives, However, accuracy is what you would expect from something this inexpensive.

The combo meal of porch/door, sidewalk/driveway, and street traffic has soooooo many complaints from users it is by far one of the most talked about accuracy problems for motion detection. The real fix is to not have all that stuff in the field of view. Re-position camera. If you can’t, you’ll have to accept what you get for results.

You don’t need to take a new snapshot. Just reset zones. Very annoying because of how many updates are done by Blink each day.

Mine has been the same version and build number for weeks, Not sure where you’re coming from, but even if true, and it is so inconvenient for you, turn off automatic updates for that one app and simply update them once per month, or when told you have to at the point when the is no longer functioning.

Resetting and reentering the activity zones appears to have made a difference. On the three days before I reset the zones, I had 7, 5, and 8 triggers from movement in the grey zones, whereas the last two days after resetting the zones, I had 2 and 3 false triggers respectively. It’s not a big sample size so could be a statistical fluke. However, I think I can live with it if it is only 2-3 per day. I would rather have a few false positives than miss any real motion on my porch, and as far as I can tell, my camera has caught every real event with 100% accuracy. I should also add that the false positives are fairly rare. There are probably a dozen people walking or driving by every hour, and most of those are successfully screened out.

I will continue to keep in mind that firmware updates can mess up these zones. I am currently on 7.75. I’m not sure what I started with, but have only had the camera for a week.

Joel, I appreciate your hint to point the camera away from the street. However, I have good reasons for pointing it this direction. One reason is my wish to record the face of anyone standing at our door.


How do you turn off updates?

No idea for iOS, but assume it can be done. For Android, as follows:

Open Google Play Store App on your device.
Tap on Menu option on the top left corner of the screen. Three bars.
Tap on My Apps and Games.
Under Installed Tab, tap on the app you wish to change the auto update option.
Tap on More option on the top right corner of the App Home Screen. Three dots.
Uncheck the ‘Auto update‘ option on the prompt.

Thanks for Android option to turn off auto updates. Learned something new. Turned off Blink auto updates and not one single activity zone reset needed all week. Problem solved.

Same problem here. I have been getting deliveries and nothing records! So, I increased the sensitivity to 8 on my south camera. My east camera should’ve also picked it up but didn’t so I increased it 7. Now the east camera keeps triggering, so I added a cell buffer to in case there were reflections from the street traffic, but that didn’t help. I’m assuming it’s the visual field. However, I’m wondering if the sound is causing the camera to vibrate and thus falsely trigger?
How can one troubleshoot that? A firmware update that’s smart enough to know what vibration does on the pattern or listens to the sound and compensates for the noise in determining if the image moved due to real changes or were artifacts of vibration. Amazon has the resources to resolve this. I am super impressed with the quality of the product for the excellent price, but I just want more. I’m an electrical engineer with software development experience and would be only too glad to help beta test anything they would like because this is a killer product. I am so excited about the Blink XT2. My east camera is actually running off solar power and I applaud the Blink XT2 engineers for providing so much flexibility in the design that adding that panel was such a no-brainer.

Pinaar, I have not had a problem with the camera failing to record motion. My sensitivity is set to 5. The false positives I was getting went away for the most part after following the advice I received in this thread. I still occasionally get one or two false positives in a day, but that is easily manageable and doesn’t bother me. I would rather not miss real activity and for this it has a perfect track record. (In fact, I caught a thief stealing my mail just a few days ago, and was able to provide the video to the police as evidence!)

As I understand, the camera looks for activity using the PIR sensor, and then will record if it also sees motion in the cameras actIvity zone. Vibration (as you described in your post pinaar) could cause the latter to happen, but first there would need to be something that triggered the PIR sensor. Occasionally this happens to me, where someone is walking by outside the activity zone (in the grey zone) and triggers the PIR sensor. Then one of the plants on our porch might be moving in the breeze triggering the recording.

I should also add that after nearly 6 months of ownership, I have been really pleased with this camera, and I have had zero issues after this first troubleshooting query when I first got the camera. Someone perusing this forum might get the impression that these cameras are plagued with problems, when in fact the people who are having issues post while those are satisfied customers don’t. That’s why I’m posting this follow-up.

I originally purchased this camera as a deterrent for package thieves, which has been a problem in our neighborhood. It didn’t stop the thief who just stole a package from us a few days ago, but thanks to Blink, I got some good footage of the crime that I was able to provide to the police. In fact, another neighbor caught the same thief stealing from them on their own camera, so combined we were able to track the thief as they went on their crime spree through our neighborhood. Both videos were posted on our neighborhood forum, so now there are plenty of people in our neighborhood who can recognize this guy next time he comes around, Thank you Blink!

My blink XT2 keeps triggering from disabled zones. Tried resetting camera, reset the zones and retaken picture and reselected disabled zones but the disabled zones keep triggering. It’s driving me mad. Did anyone find a fix for this!!!??

I have had a similar problem, I turned down the sensitivity to 3 and greyed out any shrubs that moved in the wind also on sunny days with cloud the shadows also set the camera off.

I have the same problem!
And deleting all the cars going by us EXHAUSTING!!
Plus, it’s probably draining the battery!