Trouble Removing Outdoor Camera from Mount

We bought the outdoor camera for our daughter and installed it outside of her third-floor apartment window just a few weeks ago. Batteries are already dying (any ideas on that issue are welcome) but she is having trouble getting it off the mount to change the batteries. Maybe it’s hard for her to get a good tug as she is leaning out of the window, but if anyone has any suggestions or links to a good video, we would appreciate it. We’re not close enough to go do it for her.
As for the battery issue, the camera faces a relatively busy parking lot and I wondered if that is draining the batteries. Any way to reduce battery usage so she does not have to change them every month?

Blink gives very little info with the cameras except the bare bones basic to get it up and running. After that, you have to learn how to use it and adjust things. Either you or your daughter need to read the info on this website. Details on mounts, how to change batteries, how to adjust things to make batteries last longer, etc. are all within.

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