Travelling Blink

Can I take one of my Blink cameras and the hub with me when I travel? I have pets I want to travel with me but I want to be able to watch them if I have to leave the premises.

You just need a source of always on mobile internet, wherever you go, and it will work. Two choices, first connect your system to the mobile router, by using the switch wireless network option in the app, or second, change all the settings in the mobile router to exactly match what you have at home. Same SSID and password, such that as soon as you turn all the equipment on, Blink will think it is connected to your same home router.

Either will work, but the second option might be simpler, because when you return home, you can just turn it all back on, and it will connect.

Thanks so much! I will try it!

I was thinking the same thing. @jillyfish4 have you tried this yet? Did it work? I was thinking of purchasing a Blink Mini and using it stand alone for travel. My guess is that you wouldn’t need the hub.