Total wireless: Blink XT2 + Netgear Nighthawk M1

I’m running a 3-camera wireless Blink XT2 system on mobile Netgear Nighthawk M1 to protect a remote building via a UK EE additional mobile sim at £25 a month ongoing. Great protection and great value. Netgear M1 and unlimited EE sim provides 5 bar mobile connection for 10+ devices in the building, of which Blink Sync counts as only one. Signal and monitoring on my phone is good from remote rural coast and countryside. Total set up cost £500. Good value basic protection.

That Nightwawk comes highly rated by many owners. The problem is finding a data plan that is truly unlimited as well as unthrottled. Blink is kinda slow and doesn’t chew up much data so it’s no big deal. However, run your speed tests often. You may find you have unlimited, but your data up and down speeds are severely throttled. On the flip side, throttling is projected to be a thing of the past soon. As 5G cell data rolls out, the older 4G LTE will be plenty of bandwidth for the sellers of that data. In USA, the main cellphone data providers are now selling unlimited internet home plans. All it is is a MiFi router, sim card, and that unlimited data plan,

Another router for you to look at is MOFI4500 by Mofi Networks.

Then if you really want to go hi tech for 500 bucks…this one will blow your mind.
Starlink by good ol Space X rocket launches.