Tired of waiting for BLINK'S security system

It looks like the RING is beating BLINK to the race with there new security system BLINK promised they would have theres in the second half of 2017 but so far nothing. I am thinking about selling my 3 cameras and 2 XT cameras and try the RING setup which they said will be ready next month in November.
I been waiting months for BLINKS system because I am paying Comcast $39.00 a month extra for there alarm system plus internet,tv and phone that comes to $249.99 a month total and want to break loose from them.
Whats taking BLINK so long.

same here :frowning: I already have RING products and they are great. Blink is great too but seems like they have a very small staff and funds so they make everything very slow.

I tried the Ring 2 doorbell … Steer well clear. Hardware failure a few days after buying it… Random resets on the replacement unit , inconsistent streaming issues. I hear better things about the Ring Pro unit

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Hi @Mike_Harris, @lotrbfme, @A_Person,

I posted this elsewhere, but wanted to include this here as well:

We are definitely aware Ring came out with their security system first, but there are some important things to keep in mind! First, is that Ring’s release coincides with Ring buying out another company and implementing their security system within Ring’s products. We have been working on developing our own “Seecurity” System from scratch to ensure that it is 100% integrated with our current products. With that said, it is still our plan to release the system by the end of the year, so hold on, it should be here soon!

Another point I want to touch on, is that sooner isn’t always better. I’m no engineer, but Ring releasing their system first could provide our team with an opportunity to see what is working and isn’t working for Ring, to allow us to refine our own system to feedback on similar products! We always try our best to make sure that when we release updates or new products they will work the best they can for all of you. While it may be possible to release our system sooner (i’m not sure if this is true), that could come along with more bugs and underdeveloped features, that could cause aggravation.

I appreciate you all standing by and being patient. Blink is truly about making a product that best fits our customers, and that is why we have this Community so we can listen to all of your thoughts and ideas, and develop the product as you all want it! :fist:

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I’d rather wait for Blink to release something fully tested as opposed to half baked. My brief experience with Ring was that of a half baked product , this was the Ring 2 doorbell mind you, so not sure how confident I’d be in Rings R&D specially if they just acquired the tech from another company and are shoe horning it into their ecosystem. For all of Blink’s minor issues the system uptime and reliablity of the hardware itself has been excellent.

ok you talked me into it I hope it will be out by jan2018,just tired of paying $49.00 a month for security.


Looks like Amazon could be in the mix soon.

Its May 7, 2018

and the Blink Doorbell is no here yet. thinking on switching to Ring due to the relay