Tired of messing with these things

I have had nothing but issues with my blink system since we got it. Live views have hardly ever worked on any of our 3 cameras. Was told by support to get a booster and they still don’t work. I’ve tried resetting my sync module and even tried resetting one of our cameras and I still can’t live view. They used to record but now they don’t even do that. It well send us an alert that a camera was tripped but we cant look to see why. What’s the point in a camera system if they don’t work. What a waste of money and time dealing with these pieces of junk.

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What brand are you going to try out next?

I’m constantly amazed at the issues people have here.
While, granted, I’ve not had my system for years I’ve found it to be generally reliable.
Yes. Sure. Sometimes the app needs to be restated.
So what?
Yes. Sure. I had to fiddle with settings to get what I wanted and avoid false triggers.
Big deal.
God help me, I even had to reposition cameras.
But, know what?
When someone pulls into my driveway, I can pull live view up on my TV. When the census guy showed up on my porch I could see & talk with him.
Just like I wanted to.
I read the reviews.
I watched YouTube.
I didn’t spend thousands and got what I wanted and what I paid for… a non professional, reasonable system that didn’t break the bank.


On a weekly and almost daily basis, the first post from a newbie that just joined is…bash Blink. They are not interested in fixing their system. Often times they don’t respond to help. The first post bashers are simply a combination of trolls, people that own competitive products, people that bought Blink and aren’t happy, people that love to beeyatch, and people that need to get it off their chest.

Enjoy your 1st amendment rights. NEXT!

They suck so bad that there are hundreds of thousands of customers successfully running millions of cameras. But yours doesn’t work. You have Blink hardware SIDS, wifi/network problems, and/or mobile device problems. All 3 of these situations are easy to test and most of the time easy to fix. But only if you want it. If you don’t want it, nobody can help you.

I’m all for trying to troubleshoot. In fact like I said before I have talked to tech support to try and resolve the issue a while back. So for you to come in here and bash me over my post when obviously I’m not the only one that has issues with this system is kinda a ■■■■ move. If you wanna help then great I’ll try anything. I’d love for them to work correctly.


It appears that you’ve made your mind up from your first post.
Return them and move on.

Your complaints above are more than likely NOT Blink hardware failure. The problems could possibly weak batteries but that is so easy to fix and get over it is not your problem. More than likely you have a network/wifi issue. To find out yes/no as well as what is the issue(s) and how to fix it, Blink uses remote diagnostic software to help their customers overcome network/wifi problems.

Work with Blink support to install and run https://routethis.com/. However, before you do that…put brand new energizer ultimate lithium batteries in one camera. Write down/document your sync module and camera serial numbers. You need them for install and reinstall procedures.

That one camera is going to be your bench test subject. Bench testing is confirming your system works correctly BEFORE you implement it. Bench test is inside your home while the router, camera, and sync module are all 3 in close physical location to each other - say 10 to 20 feet. Having all 3 close eliminates the possibility of weak wifi signal. You should notice all 3 bars of signal strength in the mobile app…

Bench test 1 camera. If that works, do the 2nd and 3rd camera. You want to confirm all 3 work correctly, then and only then, take the effort to climb ladder and play around with mounting locations outside.

This method is what installers do for professional security systems. It is indeed extra steps. It’s more work. It give you a clear path to success. Sadly this does not fit the Blink super easy install routine with assumptions of things will work. If it doesn’t pass the inside the home bench test, you then know you have hardware failure or network problems. Also the mobile app does not work with some mobile devices. But that is pretty rare.

I have done the tech support with the app. They sent me new batteries saying that was the issue even though at the time it was a brand new system. Last night I threw in a set of the new batteries. ( I admit I didn’t put them in right away because they were somewhat working). Sat at our table which is just on the other side of the room from our router, with the sync module and camera and couldn’t get ot to do anything. The blue light comes on the camera then the app says Live view failed. I tried it on my phone and tablet, wife has the same problem on her phone. They used to at least record but now they don’t even do that which is why I’m so irratated.

I’m serious when I say I want them to work. I’d love for them to work and get more for other areas. Plus they were a gift so kinda hard to return them…

I have another email to tech support so we’ll see where that goes

If you want help here, don’t send us on a goose chase. You have lots of details you didn’t type in on your previous threads. I’m out of this one. Good luck and wish you the best.

What are you trying to do live views on?
What signal strength do you have?
Screenshots are great.
LITHIUM battery’s in camera?
Have you removed/deleted EVERYTHING and started over?

Not sure what you mean by that. I mentioned that I dealt with support in the past. I did all they recommend at the time besides replacing the batteries because honestly it seemed pointless.

I show full signal on everything. My house is not that big so even needing a booster I think is a bit much. I did listen to support and get one though then gave me full bars on the one camera that wasn’t full.

The cameras dont respond to anything, live view or screen shots. I always get that they failed or are busy. I have the batteries they provided. I seen on here last night about batteries being an issue so I tried plugging the one camera in that I was messing with and even plugged into electric it didn’t work. That being said I removed the batteries while plugged in because I didn’t know if having them in would hurt anything.

I have not deleted everything and tried to start over… Yet

When speaking to support in the past they told me to reset my modem because it had a high ping rate. I did all that. I live out in the country so isp’s are hard to come by. A friend of mine said I can bring my system to his house and see if it works any better on his internet

What speeds (up and download) are you getting from your ISP?

That’s a good question depending on which speed test I use I get different answers.

Speedtest.net says 31.14 download

Just using the speed test button on google search it says 11.05 download and 2.09 upload.

Is there a certain speed test site you recommend?

That may be your issue.
A quick Google search revealed:
Blink systems minimally require a high speed connection of at least 2 Mbps upload speed.
Try at your friends house if his connection is faster.
Oh, you are connecting to your routers 2G wifi, right?

Honestly I’m not sure. It’s a 4G router we have cell based internet. Like I said we live in the country it was either this or satellite. After seeing the bad reviews satellite had I went with the cell service. Everything else works great on it. We use nextflix and Hulu just fine.

Is there a way to tell what I’m connecting too?

My phone says 2.4G so it should be the same

No, it’s not the same at all.
Same name, different things. Don’t confuse cell service with WiFi service.
You need to ensure your Blink system, when it connects to your router, is using the 2G spectrum (or the connection of you will) and not 4G. You should have confirmed this on install.
I’m not Blink tech, and I’m not sure you can connect to a 2G router.
I’m putting money on a too slow connection.

You won’t get good support advice in here, when you drip feed people relevant pieces of information, such as the fact that you are using a cellular broadband connection, which as far as I can see has only just been disclosed, but at least we now know and can try to advise accordingly. Do not expect support from Blink themselves for this type of connection. It is precluded in their very own FAQs, so coming in here, starting out, with the equivalent of, Blink sucks, also doesn’t help encourage the best response, because almost certainly, what you should have posted is, ‘my broadband connection sucks’.

I can all but guarantee, whatever cloud based camera monitoring system you were to try next, you will face the same problems, and I am almost certain they too will preclude the use of cellular broadband. Why, because they don’t need to support it. The number of people using this type of connection, such as you and me represent a tiny fraction of the number of customers they can attract, but the amount of additional headache presented to support is immense. So many factors as to why it might not be working at any given moment makes it pointless for them to even try, so they simply say, works with cable broadband, or similar wording. As an example, it is common for these types of service to have a connection speed limit, and a number of concurrent connections limit too. All seems well with your network, then Blink tries to come online, and suddenly, there’s no connection available, because other things are using it. Not saying this is your issue, just pointing out a further additional complexity or two, that Blink are well served avoiding, so your type of connection is not supported. Not supporting this type of connection won’t even cost them 1% of sales.

There is also the 30 day money back no quibble guarantee, for this very same reason. Even with normal broadband, some will just have network issues that they are incapable of overcoming, even with Blink’s help, so just send them back, and that may be your only option too.

With that having been said, let’s see. Blink is incapable of connecting to your 5GHz network, so if it is working at all you must be connected to your 2.4GHz WiFi, at that moment. It won’t even be able to see your 5GHz network. Some people have an issue where they utilise a router feature called “Smart switching”, because here your router does some funky things to ‘cleverly’ use 5GHz when possible, and they sometimes do this badly, presumably causing the 2.4GHz to just disappear, from Blink’s point of view, so it could be that. Some have reported success by disabling the smart switching option. My router uses the same SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and I’ve never had an issue, so some devices must be able to handle this correctly. Worth looking for this setting at least, or its equivalent, in your system.

As for your upload speed, it is low, but it could be good enough, if it is consistently at around 2mbps or more., though the truth is, probably not. I have a system that cannot have a wired broadband connection, it’s in the middle of a field, so I too use a cellular connected router. My dedicated upload speed will be around 0.7mbps, due to the poor 4G signal in the area, and my system works perfectly. The difference between mine and yours, might be that dealing with Blink is all mine ever does, and yours sounds like it has to cope with all your other internet traffic too, which could be significant.

Upload is your important figure, for the cameras to record, you have to get the stream to the Blink servers, and because download usually has much more available to come in this direction, it’s not normally an issue. For live view, if your phone is connected to your WiFi, then both up and down will be being used, relatively equally, at the same time, but still, download should be adequately covered, unless at that moment you are streaming netflix, or similar, and hoping that there will be enough bandwidth left for Blink to do its thing, delivering content to the app on your phone, in almost real time.

Bear in mind, if you have an issue buffering netflix, or similar, it isn’t too much of an issue, in that you can just wait for the little circle to twirl around and buffer more content, I’m sure you’ve seen it from time to time, plus, with netflix, you are never uploading video at the same time. That’s hardly going to work for Blink’s live view, so they just say ‘live view not available’, or whatever similar message. Can’t be live, with two way comms, if it takes thirty seconds to buffer it up and then down, so it doesn’t even try.

Live view, streams video content, to the Blink server, and then it is streamed back down to the app, and a poor connection just won’t cut it, but there are still things you can do to test it before you go off to your friends house, where it will almost certainly work.

Follow Joel’s advice, and bench test the system, with all items in close proximity to each other. When you do this, disable all other network devices, so Blink’s network connection is not compromised by anything else. Power them off if you have to. If it all now works, you know you have no hardware issue and can move forward.

If it doesn’t work when your cellular broadband is dedicated to Blink alone, then take it to your friend’s and see what happens there. If it works there, then you know that your mobile broadband solution isn’t up to the job and the hardware is fine, and there’s nothing Blink can do to help you.

If it does work, with a dedicated mobile broadband solution, which it now is, if you stop everything else, you could consider subscribing to a further service. Double up on your internet provision, by getting a further mobile router, but use the second one only for Blink. Is this more costly, of course, but maybe it’s worth it, if you want the system to work badly enough, in a place with no cabled broadband. There is at least one person in this forum who has done exactly this, successfully. If that’s not an option, return it.

It shouldn’t even be a risk that it might not work, because if it doesn’t, you can send that back too, because you should only get your second supply from someone that gives you a 14 or 30 day, no quibble, return option. Here in the UK it’s law that any long distance selling has a minimum of 14 days cooling off period, during which time you can return it for any reason. Even if not law, I’m sure similar will be offered in your location by some if not most providers.

Good luck with you fault finding.

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I have 2 indoor, 1 outdoor camera. At any given time 1 will quit working for no reason, then start back up. Nothing was done on the app or camera.