Time incorrect

I’ve got my cameras scheduled to arm at 21:00, but I’ve noticed that I started to get the message at 21:01, then 02 and now it’s as late as 21:05

I’m guessing that the message is within seconds of the event, and I get the message at the same time on multiple devices

2100 = 11pm. All you have to do is watch your mobile app switch from disarmed, to armed at 2100. That switch over will be consistent timing day after day. However, timing of notifications is not as exact and will vary by a couple minutes has been my experience also.

If you have the mobile app installed on multiple devices, be advised anyone that logs into any of those devices…has full administration rights. Those people can change anything at any time via any of those devices. You have a 100% chance of someone changing or deleting something without you knowing about it. That change or delete could be on purpose or by accident. If it’s on accident, the person wont know that they even changed anything. Something to keep in mind down the road.