Thumbnail Update Automatically

Brand new user so this function may already exist but if not I am surprised it hasn’t been thought of :slight_smile: already.

When you view your list of cameras you see a thumbnail from the last time you save a thumbnail which could be days before i assume.

Why not update the Thumbanail after each trigger… It would only need to be a still of from the video it has just recorded so it could all be done in the cloud with no extra battery life at camera used… Has anyone thought of this or is there a problem I am missing?

The thumbnail is a visual representation (photo icon) of what the camera is seeing.

Is that right - its not updated so it is what it saw surely? My idea was to have a more uptodate thumbnail or what the camera is seeing…

I was not clear. It’s a way for you to identify the camera’s static view, as mounted. What you’re asking for is a new feature, and you can certainly send your input to Blink. Cheers!

Each video already has a thumbnail in the app, so that you can get an idea of what the video is about, and on this basis it should be relatively simple to implement changing the still, taken at set-up, each time a video is made. It’s not like it would even alter bandwidth and data requirements, because it obviously already sends this thumbnail to the app. On this basis, I see no reason why this feature could not be added, however if it were, I would like it to be optional, because I don’t want it to change my snapshots. "Use last video thumbnail for camera snapshot: Yes/No.

That having been said, you are wasting your breath in this forum, if you expect any official response here, because this is a community forum. As ceedee said, send your feedback to Blink, and given plenty of time, they may well offer it as an option, but don’t be holding your breath, because even the best of suggestions seem to take years to be released, if at all.

The thumbnail feature is for initial camera setup. Then use it occasionally to confirm camara still pointed correctly.

To see what’s really going on, use the other icon…live view. Thumbnails you can’t save. Live view you can.

Eliminate suprise and unknowns. Read the owner’s manual

Thanks for reply… I thought I saw Blink replying to some suggestions but sad to hear they aren’t followed… Even after only a few hours since all setup I can see so many ideas that could be implemented that doesn’t impinge on battery life etc…

Yeah that was my point really I would rather have a uptodate thumbnail - seeing an old one doesn’t really benefit…

Press the button
There is no automatic option

Remember Blink is low priced for many reasons. Limitations in the mobile app is one of the reasons. Amazon sells other brands of security cameras that are fully wireless but not at the Blink price point.

Yeah - i get they are low priced but I suppose I was assuming the limitations would be more hardware/battery limited rather than lack of development but of course price point is going to dictate simple and stable rather than taking risks that could involve more support or development costs…

If this feature was available, my snapshot would often be a random moth at 3am. Hardly useful.

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Exactly my point with regard to why I said I didn’t want it, and that, if implemented, it must be optional.

That is interesting and perhaps when I have been using more than a few hours it will become clear… however the cameras don’t move (unless there is something wrong) and if there is something wrong it would be a good place to see it, but appreciate everyone’s pov