The Panic Siren has Arrived!

Introducing the Panic Siren! The Blink Panic Siren for Blink Camera Systems is a wireless, battery-operated siren that you activate through your Blink iOS or Android App with just the tap of a button. Simply tap the siren button in your app from anywhere in the world to trigger the loud, ear-piercing 105 decibel sound that will scare away any intruder. You can even add multiple sirens to a single system to cover larger homes or multiple floors.

Things to Know:
-If you are a Kickstarter backer and you have not received it, you need to update your shipping address! Please check your email as you should have the next steps to update it.

-If you already have the siren then you can now add the device to your system with the new app update (each sync module holds 10 devices). Click here for the steps on how to add your siren.

-Buy it now on our website or check out the special bundle offer we have going on this week only! For steps on how to use it head to our support article or read over our Panic Siren FAQ.

Panic Siren FAQ

How do I Activate the Panic Siren?

The Panic Siren button, when added to a system, will appear on the home screen, live video view and recorded clip view. Tap the button to turn it on and click it again to turn it off. It will sound for up to 5 minutes but can be configured for shorter periods.

Does the Manual Panic Siren Sound Automatically with Motion?

No. Only the account owner can activate it to scare away danger manually from within the app.

Can I add the Panic Siren to My Existing Blink System?

Yes! It is just another Blink device like your camera. You can add as many as you need within the 10 device limit of each system.

I Have a Large House/Townhome/Office. How Many Will I Need?

The Blink Panic Siren is perfect for a small home or single floor. You should consider 1 per floor for larger homes or for multiple locations. For example, one at the front door and one in your garage.

Will it Work Outside?

The Blink Panic Siren is not designed for outdoor use.

Please leave your questions or comments below!

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Where? Can’t find it

Awesome! Just bought mine!

Please tie it to a motion alert or integrate with IFTTT or provide a real developer API. A standalone siren is nice as a start but really you do want to link it to motion detection. There are existing other IoT Siren Products out there that do what the siren does, you can make yours more useful with true integration.



This is awesome! I would love to purchase one, but I have a dog who’s afraid of loud sounds.
Do you think the sound could damage her hearing?

Is this for indoor use only? Would love to have one outside to scare dogs trying to take a crap in my yard.

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Hi, @nick_at_blink,

Why the app didn’t have an option to trigger the Siren Sound Automatically with Motion?

I think this will be very usefull for everybody :thinking:


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Hey All, to answer some of your questions…

@adolfo2, it can be found right here, under accessories.

@MetsNyc, the siren is 105 decibels. I’m not sure if that would could be damaging for a dog, but I imagine it may scare her.

@jwp, for now it is only for indoor use, but I would love to see an outdoor one in the future!

@pgomes2000, I believe this is a feature we are looking into in the future, particularly as part of the seecurity bundle. I have reached out to our engineers for more clarification regarding this, and will let you know what I learn!


And when it will be available for Europe?

Hi @pgomes2000,

We are definitely planning to release the siren in europe, but our priority is refining it in the U.S. right now, and at the moment, we don’t have a timeline for the EU release.

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I agree with some of the comments above. Having the siren without the ability to tie in with motion detection seems a bit useless. In many cases we can’t be monitoring our devices for every single alert. The ability to have the siren trigger with motion can prevent/scare someone that is up to no good. I guess this setup will work for some if they want to monitor the alerts constantly. Like many of us here we have full time jobs, and in many cases there are times we are not able to pick up the phones.

If the motion sensing gets integrated with the siren then i’m sold and will be adding it to my system. Until then I will wait patiently for future developments. :slight_smile:

105 dB is enough to cause hearing loss to a human after several minutes. Since it has to be manually activated it’s probably unlikely that the alarm will go off frequently or for prolonged periods of time in most people’s houses though.

I’d assume that the more sensitive hearing of a dog could be damaged even more easily, although I don’t really know that.

I’m quite sure that it would scare the crap out of most dogs though. My dog literally has panic attacks if the smoke detector goes off. She doesn’t even like it when I get on a ladder because she knows it’s possible that I could test a detector from up there.

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I’m slowly losing confidence here @ Blink for integrating a complete security system. Having an alarm that only can be triggered manually is not fully beneficial to me and I won’t be making that purchase until a motion/camera can trigger it.

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I’m guessing that additional functionality with the siren will be bundled with their Seecurity system, which they’re still saying should be released before end of 2017.

Just a guess though.

How do these mount? Same as the XT’s? Although not intended for outdoors, I’d like to use on on covered porch, especially with holiday decorations out.

@jwp the “panic siren” modules mount identically the same way as the indoor cameras do. They have the same sliding mechanism on the bottom of the module to release the back and the same “mount” as their interior cameras as well. I’ve attached a photo of the modules front view, with the mount extended up, side by side with a blink interior camera for comparison. The main difference from the XT cameras is the mechanism to release the XT’s back is located on the rear of the camera and not the bottom like the interior cameras & “panic siren” modules.

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@MetsNyc, @jwp, @marktheknife, @nick_at_blink, and others, as far as the “panic siren” possibly being damaging to a dog’s hearing inside a residence, i have no idea and think if that is a concern, then it would be a question more appropriate for a veterinarian.

@jwp I really don’t think this “panic siren” would scare any animal away, unless the animal is skittish or happens to be just a few feet away from the module. Plus you’d have to observe them and manually activate the module from within the app since they do not activate with motion detected by cameras. My logic for this statement is outlined below.

First of all, the “Duration” setting issue that I brought up four (4) days ago in another thread (link below) when the app was updated to support the “panic siren” has yet to be addressed by anyone at blink and still does not function correctly.

Now back to the loudness issue of the “panic siren.” Since everyone was ‘parroting’ the info provided by blink w/o doing any independent investigation, I purchased a db meter to do so myself. Started off by taking a base reading in the room with the module. While it varied somewhat, the median level was around 44 db. Next, I activated the “panic siren” with it placed beside one of my interior cameras. As you’ll see in the next couple of photos, the meter was held just below the module and readings varied from 90 db - 96 db with small changes in the meters position.

I then removed the module and took a reading while holding the meter inches away in a direct line with it. Although getting a much higher reading of 103 db, it told me that the small size of the “panic siren” module may greatly effect it’s ability to project at any major distance. So I once again placed the module over the doorway beside my interior camera and took readings from across the room, approximately ten (10) feet away from the “panic siren” module. As you’ll see in the last two photos, the decibels dropped significantly with readings from 73 db - 80 db. And keep in mind the base room reading w/o anything being turned on was 44 db +/-.

After completing these tests, my opinion remains unchanged and I stand by my original statement.


Thanks for the informative and thorough review.

What a pity Blink doesn’t take integrations seriously and provide one in particular to Stringify, or IFTTT for users in Asia. Pathetic. Absolutely no purchase unless and until you fix that.