Thank you for Early Notifications Blink, you saved me from having my house broken into while I was home!

I live in a gated community in a very low crime area - in the 17 years we’ve lived here we’ve never had any problems, so I never actually thought my Blink cameras would pay off in less than 6 months. It’s the kind of neighborhood where people take their safety and security for granted and don’t worry about leaving their cars unlocked, their garage door open all day and windows/doors unlocked at night (not me!). But there’s a growing population of homeless people camped out in the hills surrounding the neighborhood that have been causing some problems in town, and I thought it was time to install cameras “just in case”. My husband was skeptical about the need for them at first, but he couldn’t argue about the price of Blink cameras, that they were completely wireless and simple to install, and that there was no monthly subscription fee, so he got on board. At best I figured I might catch my neighbor with Alzheimers mistaking my house for his own again after he tried to break in one evening after his walk and scared the heck out of me, or the neighborhood teenagers playing Ding Dong Ditch.

Last night my husband went to bed early and I had the lights dimmed downstairs while watching TV. My house probably looked like no one was home from the front. When the camera covering the gate to my backyard alerted (Early Notification) I immediately hit Live View and saw a man in my yard. As soon as he saw the camera, he ducked down and went back through the gate. Another neighbor’s cameras caught him in his yard too, and there were actually three men. Another house two blocks away reported a burglary 45 minutes after the attempt at my house. Don’t know yet if the Sheriff’s department ever caught them, they were patrolling the neighborhood for hours after receiving our calls since our neighborhood was definitely being targeted for easy prey the day after Christmas.

If I didn’t have my Blink cameras, I would’ve faced three men attempting to break in to the room right where I was sitting alone. Thanks to Early Notification I was able to immediately react. As far as I’m concerned, my cameras have already paid for themselves in less than six months.


How far from the module is this camera. I am having nothing bu problems with mine and no one at Blink seems interested.

It’s right about 28 feet away from the module. I did a lot of testing before I permanently affixed my cameras. I also use a wifi booster.