Text Message from Blink

I have a Blink system with three cameras and would like to use IFTTT to send me a text message when any camera detects motion.

So far I have noted and tested the Blink Applet “Get a Text when motion is detected by a specific Blink camera”. This only provides me with a message from one camera.

Is it possible to run multiple instances of this applet (one instance for each camera)?

It is possible to get a text message when any camera detects motion?

Any suggestions and guidance is appreciated.

Since you were able to pick the camera you wanted, during applet creation, why not just create another, and pick a second camera. Arm, or connect both, which I think is their term for it, and see if you get text notifications from both. I think you will. If you do, continue and create an applet for each camera you own. Job done.

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Good suggestion, but I did not create the initial Blink applet. Instead I used a public, pre-made one. I was also not able to duplicate it.

You can certainly create your own from scratch.

Creating your own from scratch might not be that easy, though I’ve done some of my own and found them manageable, and I just tried for email, and that was doable too.

Click on your avatar and choose create.
Click on the + This
Search services for Blink. Choose Blink or Blink Europe as appropriate.
If asked to connect, connect.
From the available triggers, choose Motion event from camera.
Pick camera and click create trigger.
Now click on +That.
Search for email service. Just type email.
Pick the email option shown.
Click on send me an email.
Customise email appropriately.
Click on create action.

Not sure what happens next, because I stopped, since I don’t want this.

Once created, edit it with a title of your choice under settings for the applet. Repeat for second camera, each with a different name, and if both work, continue until you have all.

Good luck.

Or SMS for a text message.


Thanks for the detailed instructions. I did in the meantime create my own, private applets in IFTTT as per suggestions. It is actually relatively simple to do, I did not run into any issues. I created three applets - one for each camera - that send me text messages when they detect motion. Works great now.

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Cool! Based on my experiences, IFTTT notifications can lag. So, don’t assume absolute real time responses from them in all cases. YMMV!

Thanks ceedee, missed that it was a text, but yes, same but search for SMS.

Glad to read you got it working with three different applets Sigi. Yeah, not too tricky, but some of the things you click on to kick it off at various points, aren’t always immediately obvious, at least not to me, but I got there, so I’m not surprised to read that you did too.

Thanks for sharing the detailed setup guide.

QUESTION: To use IFTTT, does your phone have to be on to get messages if I set up to SMS my watch?

Use Case: I am trying to use my Wear OS watch as my sole device (phone left at home while I’m out and about) and one of the missing available apps is the Blink app. This type of notification might serve as a gap filler.

Once set up, Blink systems continue to operate completely independent of the app, and hence your phone. If this were not the case, when your phone went flat, your Blink system would stop working.

As such, the Blink system, and servers, will continue to do their own thing, including sending out a notification to the IFTTT servers. In turn the IFTTT servers will send out an SMS to your watch, if you have an applet set up to do so.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

As an update, my experience has been that my phone needs to be turned on for text messages to be received by my watch. Using my watch independently from my phone (turned off), I’m not getting messages until I turn the phone on. Then I’m barraged with messages. Maybe IFTTT uses the phone’s communications capability to send sms’? Too bad cause I doubt blink will ever have a Wear OS component.

I have no idea how watches work in conjunction with phones, but it seems to me, if you aren’t able to receive an SMS sent out by IFTTT, if your phone is off, you won’t be able to receive an SMS sent out by anyone. Have you performed this test? Does the watch itself have a SIM card, and a mobile phone number of its own?

Yes, my Wear OS watch (Ticwatch Pro 4G) has its own sim and tele#. I set up an applet using my Android phone, where if I get a blink alert then IFTTT sends a sms to my watch #.

I’ve seen this with other apps, where they require the phone to be turned on to send text messages. So, I’m not totally surprised. That said, I was hoping IFTTT would be totally cloud based requiring just an internet access/connection to execute associated applets. But I guess not.

If your watch has its own SIM, account, and its own phone number, what has your phone got to do with it? Wouldn’t you just send the SMS to the number of the watch? I think you said that you do, but I don’t understand why it wouldn’t get it. As I said, have you confirmed, or do you already know, that you can receive an SMS from any other source, directly to the number of the watch, without the phone being turned on. If not, why would IFTTT be able to do it?

Your Blink system, and their servers, simply send the notification to IFTTT, who then push out the SMS, to whatever number you set up. Not sure how Blink could implement anything to help?

It’s a deficiency of the Blink software AND IFTTT software.

Blink’s deficiency is that they do not support smartwatches in any way. IMHO, the Blink app should have a Wear OS component for Android watches.

IFTTT’s deficiency is that they use the phone’s communications capability and not the cloud, to send text messages, hence, the phone must be turned on for the messages to be sent.

You still didn’t answer the question, can the watch receive SMS messages from any other source, if the phone is off? Most don’t offer this feature, from what I can see from a quick Google search, even with their own mobile data connection, though some do. If you can’t receive an SMS from me, for example, with your phone off, how is IFTTT meant to get through?

As for Blink offering a wear OS compatible app, can’t disagree, though sadly I wouldn’t hold your breath. I think Joel pointed out they can’t even get custom notifications working with iOS, only Android, after all this time, so an app for a whole different operating system, with relatively low demand, doesn’t stand much chance in the near future.

Ahhh… you did say you didn’t know much about smartwatches. Yes I get sms and MMS, as well as, can make/receive calls on my watch. I know of no watch that has cellular capabilities with activated sim that doesn’t get sms. That’s the point of having cellular capability. The watch can stand alone from your phone. The only exception is the initial setup. All major branded watches (Watch OS, Wear OS or Tizen) require a phone for initial setup.

You’re right most watches sold under any of the above platforms do not have cellular capability and as a result can not receive calls or texts without being tethered to a phone.

Yes, I know nothing specifically about smart watches, I’m just trying to follow it through logically.

So IFTTT send out an SMS message to the number in the watch, because that’s how you’ve set up the applet. How can IFTTT know anything about your phone? It won’t even know its number or that it even exists.

The SMS message goes out to IFTTT’s carrier, and is routed to your carrier, based on the number, where it waits, until it can be delivered to the specific device, when it is next on, or in service, again based on your number, which will be that of the watch. How can any of this process know anything about the number of your phone and therefore how can the phone be involved, from IFTTT’s perspective?