I know the xt2 has an operating temp of -4 to 113 F, but can anybody tell me - does that mean I should bring the cameras in when it gets colder or hotter than that? Will they get damaged in colder/hotter temps or will they just not function as reliably during those times. I have one in a shed that gets pretty hot, and occasionally it gets -10 degrees F during the winter.

My advice is don’t worry about it. People use these cams from Arizona to Alaska with no problems. Cold weather seems to affect them more than hot based on the posts here.

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I’ve no extremes here to report first hand behaviour, but I have read the forum a lot. Some report that the cameras do stop working at extremes, significant extremes, but they resume normal operation when the temperature gets back to more normal values. Like Ron said, no need to worry about protecting them.

My original XT cameras have gone through 3 winters on MN. They keep on working. However, you’ll get low battery alarm and IR filter stuck on from time to time. My own fault as the engineering specs and warranty do not allow for extreme MN cold…about 30 below zero.

The temp alarms as well as temp detection sensor are kinda useless however. These are from the original white indoor camera. No good for outdoor use. Blink simply rolled that feature into the XT models.