Temperature reading

I have a 5 outdoor camera setup and I’m seeing some crazy temp variations from one camera to the next. Today they vary from 31 degrees to 45 degrees. and its really 25 degrees outside. Any idea why these cameras would be that far off from each other and form the actual temp?

Who knows. However, I do see some variation on mine based on exposure. The black case easily absorbs heat. I just calibrate them to a known good.

Best way to check if it is sun related absorption is to do the comparison and calibration a few hours after dark.

EDIT: Oh, and not after prolonged use of live view or similar use, because that puts the temperature up too.

Because the temp feature was made for indoor cameras. Indoor let you know if AC or Heat was not working inside the building your camera was in. That same feature was rolled over into the outdoor cameras. Does not work accurately for outdoor use.