Temperature Alert - Calibration

I did not see it anywhere, but what is the purpose of calibrating the temperature on the Blink XT cameras? By adjusting the temperature to the correct temp, how does it help the camera or does it serve no purpose other than letting you know how hot the camera’s location is. Thanks.

Hi! Calibrating the camera’s temperature allows the camera to store temperature readings and then relay that information to you, the user. This will allow you to see if the camera is in a location that is too hot or cold for it to function.

How do you define “too hot or too cold”?

@Richard: Welcome to the forums. The Blink XT operating temperature range is -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C). Hope this helps.

There was a question some time ago about why alerts are limited to 40-90. In the South, 90 degrees happens every day. Would like to be notified when it hits 100. And in the winter when it’s near 32…40 is too far away.
Any new information on this?

If the “operating range” is up “to 113°F,” then why is a temperature alert issued at 90°F?
Similarly, if the “operating range” goes down to -4°F, then why is a temperature alert issued at 40°F?

Good question! I suspect that the alerts are not to monitor the safe operating environment of the cam but to alert you if you need to know if the temp is above or below a certain range (maybe you have birds that need to be in a warm environment). I say this because the alert range is adjustable, so it would be almost useless for camera environment monitoring to “save the cameras”.

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The alert range is not adjustable to settings above the default of 90 degrees F, and
the alert range is not adjustable to settings below the default range of -4 degrees F

I live in Cincinnati. The temp can go below -4 degrees. Do my outside cameras stop working then or does the low temp damage them? I don’t really want to have to bring my cameras inside

Welcome to the forums! I live in upstate NY and our temps get even lower sometimes. I have never had any problems in 3 years due to temperature. I wouldn’t worry about it!

Thank you

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Going on my 4th winter with the original XT outdoor cameras. They work just fine at -25°F. Battery will go low volt however and trigger the replace battery notification. Ignore it. It’s too F-ing cold anyway - the plastic mounts will snap/break if you try.

Thanks it helped me.

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