Temp alerts

I know I’m not the first to mention this, but just so Blink hears more feedback, I suggest an update that allows you to set the temp alerts at least to the lowest and highest of operational temps, maybe even below/above that. The temp alerts would be a great selling point if they did this.



My 5 pack does have temp alert controls and alert.

Let’s dive into this a bit. If you have designed silicon, or are a hardware designer, you know that specs like temp ranges, MTTF, etc. can be tricky to pin down at the system level, especially if you have a complex design. Airflow, heat sinks, fans, etc. You have lots of chips, resistors, caps, etc that all have their specs, and the trick is to come up with a “system” spec. Sure, you can put the cameras in a chamber, and fiddle with the temps, but that’s expensive and time-consuming. Instead, really smart people use very sophisticated algorithms to figure out what the temp range should be, based on theoretical (and acceptable) failure rates. Will the cams work outside the published range? Most likely. However, the theoretical failure rate becomes unacceptable, and companies don’t want to assume the risk.

My point? The component that measures temperature is in no way related to the temp range of the system - other than contributing to the specs model as part of the design. To match the temp range of the system, one has to source a component that does this, requiring a design change. You’re asking for a thermometer that has a very large range, adding to cost. Which leads to my conclusion…

This is a very inexpensive device. Every penny counts. IMO, expanding the range of the thermometer (and perhaps its accuracy) is not worth the effort. It won’t sell enough additional cameras to cover the costs of design, testing, and manufacturing.

My $.02.

Mine is old original XT hardwware. My mobile app the same temp and alarm settings that tonya posted above. Those temp alarm settings max out at 90 for high alarm and 40 for low alarm. Those are only useful for inside temps. The sensor and alarm goodies is carry over from the original white indoor camera. It is damn near useless for outdoor camera environment.

Ceedee, I take on board your point, but damned near every cheap temperature sensor that you can lay your hands on, has a range far in excess of what could be reasonably expected from Blink. I can almost guarantee that the device in the Blink cameras has an operating range of -55C to 150C, if they used the cheapest type, which I think I read they did, but cannot confirm, without hunting back. There are more expensive options, but the range is greater with those, so even better. Nothing wrong with the range shown above for Blink.

They don’t have to guarantee it. They don’t with anything else. Hell, they can’t, and don’t, with the limited temperature range they give us now, so why would they need to do anything to offer a larger range, other than open it up in the software.

No way to be certain, but it seems damned likely to me that this is simply a hangover from the white indoor cameras, just as Joel_Ek has been saying for some time, and again above.

It’s not important to many. It’s not mentioned that often, but it seems whilst it is there, it might be nice to have it warn when it got to say -10C, or similar. All they need to say is, do not rely on this to protect your home from frost damage. These are uncalibrated sensors, and for very rough guidance only.

Users can then do their own experimentation to find out how useful it is or not.

Not gonna happen though, because it has been asked about for such a long time. Even though it’s almost certain to be an error, because what is the point of having a warning alert limited to a range that is well inside the operating range of the camera?

@suttyblink - good points. :+1: