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I’m 2nd outdoor camera system. The 1st one connected completely but the camera was never located. It was sent back, another sent. This one won’t locate themodule…I have both within 5ft. It says the module isconnected to wifi, Good signal. They both were rebooted. Blink was granted permission, then they stoppedassisting. I want to know what is wrong with support? They seem to just not care. They haven’t responded in 3 days. I followed the steps, did troubleshooting, still no sync located. I haven’tgotten to thecamera setupyet. How do I getsupport?

You’ll be getting the attention you’re looking for soon. Instead of ignoring you, you’ve been brought to the attention of the administration of this group.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.


All I’m asking for is clear instructions. I granted permission, then ignored!

I give up on Blink. I don’t get the support I should.

Nooooo … you don’t/can’t follow their instructions or anyone else’s . Both Joel and I have told you what to try but you don’t. Your inability to comprehend does not mean you aren’t getting support.

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I’m between Blink & ATT. Both tell me different steps to take.

The first system worked on the current wifi settings. Why would I change it now? ATT says my wifi is good, nothing needs to change. That’s where I need help. Why did it connect before but not this time? Blink has not explained that.