Systems not showing on app

Moved into a new home and trying to setup my Blink system I’ve had for awhile but have not used in over a year.

In the app no system is show and neither of my 2 sync modules show up. When trying to link them, I get the "sync module already registered " message. Same when I scan the QR code of all 6 cameras.

Have no issue with redoing the setup but need to get all the sync modules and cameras reset.

Assuming you are the original owner of the hardware and can prove it, Blink will reset the already registered problem for you. How to contact Blink for support help is in your mobile app.

Are you using the same log in credentials of when you used it a year ago? It sounds like you are using a different email based on the error

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You moved to a different location. Chances are your ISP and your router are now different. Follow this