System not recording

My system stop recording. Do I need a subscription plan to activate recording?

Does that mean your 30 day trail subscription ended? And if so, do you have a sync 2 module without a USB installed for local storage.

Hard to say. Blink are all over the place. Check out the following:

In the table you will see no tick against motion detection video recording, but this flies in the face of many other links that say different. Check out local storage in the link below:

Just two current links, that say different, as of right now. :thinking:

Oh chit, the moving target moved again. No longer can record video to usb memory stick without a subscription? If so, Blink just hit an iceberg. Now potential buyers should create the what if spreadsheet and tally up Blink total operating costs in addition to hardware acquisition costs.

Amazon knows however that most people hate reading owners manuals and don’t do much homework before purchasing. They sure as hell wont make a spreadsheet. Instead sell on monthly installment payments. It’s the American way!

Reminds me of the joke…
Q: Why don’t Americans own an elephant?
A: Nobody created a monthly payment plan for them yet.