System doesn't to work on Cox Panoramic WiFi

My Blink system worked great, no issues. Then I had to upgrade my Cox network to Cox Panoramic WiFi. Since then I can not get the system to work. I have worked with your tech support and they first told me the system had to be on 2.4ghz so I setup a 2.4ghz segment and have connected laptops, tv, Alexa, Google, Wyse and 2 cell phones to it with no issues at all. Why wont your system connect? I have tried everything requested, I have tried setting up a new sync module connection with no results. When the App tries to connect to the module the blue and green lights go off and the red light comes on with the App telling me (it’s probably a mistyped password…it’s not) I had a Cox tech tell me Blink can’t connect to a Cox network but when I tell them it worked fine before the upgrade they say the same thing with no explanation. Any suggestions besides contact Cox? If I can connect pretty much anything but Blink equipment that doesn’t seem like a Cox issue to me.

Use the program
When it asks for code type in blink.

More about that program is on blinks support website.

I have, made no difference.
However I just got the cameras working after performing 3 resets on the module? As long as it works. I have reconnected the other devices and all is good.

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Repeated taps with the hammer worked for me in the past also. Up and running is all that matters.

I have the same issue with Cox Panoramic WIFi. Any additional advise?

I have 6 cameras on two modules on cox panorama and have had zero issues.
I did start with my own modem and wi fi router then switched to panorama (using same ssid too) - not only did everything reconnect with no issues, I also after a few months added one of their pod extenders and again, no issues - some of the cams are connecting to the pod and some to the main router - so far so good .

After i upgraded to panorama, i was using 2,4 and 5 bands, when i added the pod, it reverted it all to 2.4 and still maintained connection - so if Cox is tells you it doesn’t work…it does