Synch module gets an ip in the range of 172, Draytek modem is in the ip range 192

I am trying to set up my Blink system. I have a DrayTek Vigor 2132F series modem.

I installed the app (on wifi 2.4Ghz wifi account), made the Blink account, added a system called ‘thuis’, tapped on ‘add a synch module’ tapped on ‘Ready’, entered the serial number via the QR code (also tried with typing it, doesnt make a difference). Then went to my settings, selected the BLINK wifi, got a confirmation notification to get back to the app, and went back to the app. Then I get a spinning wheel that says 'Looking for your Sync Module. It keeps on spinning -and the app DOES NOT pull up a list of available WiFi networks. Here I am stuck.

When I check the IP address for BLINK -as BLINK wifi is displayed on my iphone-, the IP address is in the 172 range. Which is VERY strange, since my router does not distribute IP addresses in any other range than the 192 range.

How to solve this? It is cracking my brain…

Blink uses port 443 on routers. Seems port 443 is closed on your router
Open the port and it should work.

Thanks! But I already did that. It is unclear to me why a router that can only distribute IPs in the range of 192, has this problem with Blink. How is it possible that sync gets or has an ip in the range of 172, with a router that distributes only ip’s in the range of 192??

BLINK has found the issue. Apparently, The issue with the ip 172. not communicating with my router has to do with a iOS app version issue with old previous models of Sync Modules (older version, Model BSM01200U).

Blink has sent me a replacement sync module (new version, model BSM01201U) that works flawlessly. Thanks BLINK!

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