Sync Modules Offline - AGAIN

My apologies, I made an assumption based on some other threads. Obviously an incorrect one.

What is the strength of your WiFi connection between sync module—>router, camera—>router and camera—>sync module?

You should be able to check all three in the app.

After six months of flawless performance, the Blink sync module goes offline now almost every day. Support says it’s because my router momentarily loses internet connection. I can find no indication of this in my router logs or with other connected devices. Apparently, though, it’s enough to completely disrupt Blink. Even if this is true, shouldn’t Blink be capable of recovering from an internet outage automatically? Every other device can. The only fix is to reboot both the router and Blink module. Amazon/Blink needs to fix this flaw.

I’d push for a replacement sync module. If your network config hasn’t changed in 6 months and your sync module is suddenly going offline at regular intervals it is pointing to a fault with your sync module.

Hi @Lonestar10,

I’m sorry you are having this issue! Could you share your ticket number? I am also going to tag @Bob_at_Blink so he can take a look!

@Lonestar10 please send a DM to me with the ticket number, I’d like to take a look.


You can add my name to the list. I just purchased mine at Christmas and installed it on the 26th. Works great but loses connection with the sync module every couple days. When I get home, I unplug the sync module, count to ten and plug it back in and all is well until the next time they lose connection. Distance between camera and sync module is about 35 feet with nothing in between but a window.

Hi @Abejero,

Although the sync module is close to the router, I would recommend relocating it just to see if this resolves the issue. If the issue continues I recommend contacting support!

The sync module is sitting right next to the router. The camera is about 35 feet from the sync module/router. Is the sync module too close to the router?

Hi @Abejero,

Sorry, I misunderstood! Yes, it sounds like your sync module is too close. It should be at least three feet away!

Frankly braveheart, the sync modules are a piece of crap. They will fail. Not sure what the engineering problem is, but it is real.

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So an issue I’m guessing a lot of folks here are having is that Blink won’t work on a merged 2.4 and 5 ghz network. Your 2.4 network has to be ENTIRELY separate from your 5 network (different name different password, yeah I know that’ll break your other devices connectivity, oh well says blink). Otherwise your sync module will drop offline and fail to ever reconnect.
The Blink network stack is junk.

My system just spontaneously stopped working.
All 9 cameras stopped working.
All my other WiFi remote devices, no problem.
This happened early on when the company was new. I thought this issue would go away once Amazon bought Blink.

Sync module has issues, documented on this forum, for well over a year. Wish I read through this community before wasting my time and money on such a useless and unreliable product.
Spent more time trying to constantly fix “sync module is offline” than using it.
Resets don’t work.
Re-adding the module doesn’t work.
Resetting the router doesn’t work.
Changing wifi networks doesn’t work.
I have devices on both primary and guest wifi and NONE of them have any issue connecting to the internet. This is the ONLY product that doesn’t and it fails several times a week.
Can’t return this thing fast enough to Amazon

Well add me to the list of unhappy customers. About two weeks after installing the module has gone offline in two days. I installed on a second home 10 hours away so resetting everytime it goes offline is impossible. I had a friend go on my house and unplug the module and plug back in and it came back online. 8 hours later it’s offline again. Like others have stated other wifi devices are online. Schlage lock, ecobee thermostat and lift liftmaster garage door. Only Blink module is offline. My module is just about 3ft from modem so will have to verify that in NOVEMBER! Blind for a month…unacceptable…
I have a ticket started but have only received a auto response email so far.

Ask for a new module, I’ve had a sync module from the “beginning,” and it’s never gone offline, except for power failures.

The ongoing (apparent) reliability issues with Blink modules troubles me.

Thank you I will

I second this. I have had 3 sync modules for 1 year now, and none has gone offline on its own. Maybe one did, once, but I’m not even convinced about that. More likely it was the camera batteries causing the particular issue, because next day I had to change them out anyway.

Moreover, I have one where last winter, for complicated solar power reasons, November to March, I had to remotely turn off the power to both my sync module and router, every single day, for around 12 hours. Each day, when the power returned, by timer, the system came back up, exactly as it should, without any complex sequencing, or pressing reset, etc. Good job too, because at this site I would not be guaranteed to revisit it until March, many months later. If it had stayed offline, and not sorted itself out each day, the product would have been useless to me. Whilst one trip every now and again would not have been out of the question, every day would have been hopeless.

I only mention that too, because others have mentioned that on power cycling a sync module, theirs will not come back up and obviously mine did multiple times, about 120 times. Since March it has never been turned off.

If you do get a new one, and it suffers the same issue, something else must be going on. At that point, as a workaround, you could get a smart switch to reboot your sync module. You said your router was unaffected, so you will be in contact with the smart switch, so you will always be able to reboot the sync module remotely. Better than waiting a month between visits, or waiting at the convenience of a friend, at least until you resolve the issue.

Thank you Suttyblink, That’s exactly what I will be doing when I get there in November. Install a remote switch for the sync module. This morning the module connected and I can see again. I was down for several hours yesterday. You mentioned you power cycle the router down as well.That can’t be on a wireless switch or the router wouldn’t be able to turn back on. you must be using a standard lamp timer, set with a specific time to power off and then back on a few minutes later…right? It also sounds like you aren’t doing that anymore wit the new sync module. I created another tech support request but no response from Blink yet…Thanks again

PM sent, to provide full detail, since it drifts a little off topic.

Wow. Wouldn’t have bought these cameras had I have know. Every night at 0314 hours I get the message that my cameras have disconnected from server, making them useless! I am not happy