Sync module won’t connect

I just received my Blink XT 3 camera system yesterday. I have been trying since then to get the cameras up and running. I have tried every thing I know, including changing router settings, but I can’t seem to get the sync module to connect. Blink customer service had me do the usual… modem and router power reboot and hard reset of the sync module… nothing has worked. I’m waiting on tech support to get back to me, but I’m getting pretty frustrated. Anyone have suggestions? I have a netgear r6300v2 router.

You could try calling support at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK, if they can’t help I’d submit a request for a new sync module here

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Thank you. I was going to try to call them tomorrow. I was really hoping there was something simple I was missing.

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I don’t believe it’s anything you missed. The sync module could be faulty.

Not saying you fit in this category, but could be a wifi issue.

Just as an update, I called tech support this evening and it turns out the sync module may be defective. I have started the RMA process. Let’s hope the new one will work flawlessly. Thank you.


Hi @acdiver,

I am very glad to hear that you will be receiving a new one! Please let us know if the new one fixes your issue.

I have the same issue. It keeps saying my password is incorrect. Offers no other options.

Hi @kkaech,

If you are still having this issue, I would definitely recommend submitting a support ticket or calling us at 781-332-5465, to get this fixed!

Keep me updated!

Well this finally happened to me. I’ve done all the trouble shooting stuff. Basically what happened was I needed to change my wifi password and once I did that I went to change the info on the rest of my smart devices, it worked on ALL OF THEM except the blink module. I tried everything. I removed the module too to try to reset the account and nada. It refuses to connect to my wifi. I am using a google router, android mm phone, and the module is 2 feet away from the wifi. I even uninstalled the app and cleared the app data. I changed the wifi password back to the original one too. No special characters. I am getting pretty frustrated at this point. Yes I already sent in a request for help as well, they’re just taking too long to respond. I’m not some techno-noob, there is no reason at my end for this to not be working.

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It may be best to call support, so you don’t have to wait for email replies. 781-332-5465

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I have had 3 sync modules fail and do this - the latest RMA replacement also went faulty and waiting now for it to be replaced. The RMA replacement worked for a couple of days then died. The one prior to that one worked for a couple of weeks and died. Luckily I have one that is still working and has so far given me no trouble at all - so I know all my settings are OK. It is a bit of a concern that these modules seem to be playing up. As far as customer support is concerned, they have been excellent and very helpful and getting a replacement is all I can ask for at this stage.

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Anyone have a problem trying to sync to Xfinity WiFi? I can’t connect, even after doing all the fixes suggested by CS.
Xfinity won’t help as it’s not their product.

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Well after being very happy having my replacement sync module work it has failed and I cannot get it to reconnect and the other sync module that was working has also failed. I now have 5 sync modules that are not working and will not connect. I’m not sure what is going on but there seems to be a serious flaw in the design of Blink sync modules for so many of them to fail. I love the system but find the sync modules very unreliable.

Incidentally, the last two sync module failures happened after I found it necessary to turn off the system (they were working up to that point) but cannot be reconnected no matter what I do. I’m waiting for customer support to help me again but not expecting these modules to come back to life.

Hi @joejoe,

I am very sorry to hear you are having this issue, this definitely should not be happening. Support will definitely be able to resolve this for you; it seems to me that it could be an issue with your network rather than the sync module. Could you please provide me your case number?

I have this issue as well. Had an old Netgear router, to which I connected my Sync Module and cameras with no issues at all. Just bought a new router, Netgear AC2400, and the Sync Module will not connect. At. All.

I’ve contacted support and they are convinced it’s my router, since the Sync Module connected fine before and all that changed was the network router on my end, so they won’t replace the module (yet). Netgear hasn’t responded to my requests for help. I’m wondering if this router comes mostly locked down, and something needs opened in order for the Sync Module to see it? I’d love some simple instructions along this line if anyone has seen this and was able to resolve it.

Hi Nick,

Thanks very much for your time.

I have had a lot of problems with Sync modules in the past. But the replacement that was sent by RMA from Blink support worked first attempt to connect and continued to work flawlessly for months as did a replacement Sync module from a different supplier when their first module wouldn’t connect. When the Sync modules work they set very quickly and easily.

The fact that I have easily connected my two replacement Sync modules suggests that the problem is with the Sync modules.

My problem with the Sync modules (the two that were working) is I needed to disconnect both modules and then found out that they would not reconnect when I plugged them back in.

Trying to think logically about the issue I thought I would be able to connect if I deleted the modules and start off from scratch as if the modules are being installed for the very first time out of the box. Including a new name for the modules.

Nothing has worked,

Support suggested that I check my modem for interference from the dual channel setup. I don’t know how this didn’t cause issues before because both Sync modules were working and had previously connected fine. Anyway, I disabled that channel (and on the wifi extender) and it did do one thing - it helped me find the 2.4ghz easier which was not showing. Good suggestion.

So, I am now wondering if there is an issue with the design of the modules that prevents them from being registered again once they have been connected and disconnected? Or, maybe at the Blink end of the system the is a block on re-registration as a security measure.

I also appreciate your support and your offer to take my ticket number but I don’t want to alienate the people at technical support who are trying to help me.

I really love this system which I think is perfect for my purposes but I really dislike the unreliable Sync modules.

Thanks again for your help.

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This is an Update for anyone having problems connecting their sync modules

I was able to get both working.

Kevin at Blink Tech support suggested something to me that had never been mentioned to me before - he suggested I try to use my mobile phone as a hot spot and try to connect the sync modules via the tethered phone. Obviously, if it worked then it was not a sync module problem. Immediately I connected mobile phone hotspot to the sync module it connected to the Blink servers and started to do an update. After updating it worked!.

I then went to the setting that allows you to change the wifi network and got the sync module to connect to the existing wifi network in my home and disconnected the mobile phone hot spot.

A couple of observations. I suspect that because the sync module immediately started an update it may have had some conflict with my Modem - I say this because Blink Tech support told me that one of my earlier sync modules had gone faulty during a sync module 'update’. Tech support said that they could see this on their system at their end. That particular sync module never worked again.

Filled with real joy from ‘hotspot’ success I tried this new idea on the second sync module and although I finally got there in the end it took a few attempts to duplicate the result. It also did an update and works.

I now have two functioning updated sync modules. I still do not know what it is on my modem that has caused all this drama but maybe Blink engineers might like to visit reconnection of sync modules that are in need of an update and what might be the modem stumbling blocks possibly causing this.


Thank you for the thoughtful responses @joejoe! I am very happy to hear that you were able to get everything working!

I am having the same issues where the sync module will not connect. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I have been back and forth with tech support for 4 days abd done everything the suggest. I have other wifi items set up without an issue.

Exact same issue here, FYI. I was getting one bar for camera-to-SM but five bars for camera-to-Wi-Fi, so I tried relocating the SM. Plugged it in elsewhere… won’t reconnect. Went back to original location… won’t reconnect. Tried deleting and re-pairing… won’t reconnect. Tried a second SM that I’d had in a box but never set up… connects just fine.

This is increasingly looking like some seriously flawed hardware.

Oh, and my SM is literally six feet away from my XT camera, separated by only a door. And yet just one signal bar.