Sync Module went offline few times a day, now I have a dead one

Since last week I cannot connect to my Blink app… it shows system offline. Like most tech-savvy folks I googled my way to Blink’s community site and managed to get my sync module online after I remotely rebooted my router. However 2 days ago my Blink went totally offline and multiple reboots on my router failed to bring it online again.

I had my Blink system (w/ 8 cameras) setup at my weekend house and it was frustrating to have my surveillance system offline. I spent this weekend at this house and finally I can do a physical assessment of my sync module.

The sync module shows solid blue LED (wifi stable) and a blinking green LED (power?). Not sure what is going on but my cameras indicated the blue LED whenever there are movements recorded yet my Blink app still displays as “offline” and no notifications received on my iPhone.

I unplugged the USB cable and reinsert after a minute… still shows offline on the Blink app. I then poked the reset button next to the USB port and tried to add it to my Blink app again. This time the Blink app just timed out after I feed it with my wireless SSID and password, and there is a solid red LED on the sync module. Tried a few times… failed.

I purchased 2 sets (5-camera system + 3-camera system) so I replaced the faulty sync module with my spare unit. It worked, firmware was automatically updated from 1.4x to 1.8x. So far I do not experience any disconnects… is my other sync module faulty?

Seems that you could have a faulty sync module. You should contact support so they can either fix the problem or send you a new sync module.

Hi @daniel.yrh,

You should get in touch with Blink Support ASAP. And if you don’t get traction, you should ping @nick_at_blink. He can square you away.

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Just a closure, I managed to solve the issue myself.
The problem is not with Blink sync module or the cameras… it is my home wifi.

I am using Asus wireless router AC5300 and recently I have enabled the Smartconnect feature (it basically combines 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands into a single SSID and automatically push clients to the appropriate bands). Somehow Blink cameras do not like this kind of setup and all problems went away the moment I disable Asus Smartconnect and manually assign my Sync Module to the 2.4GHz band.