Sync module says already registered to another system when trying to set up

The sync module is giving me an error saying that it is already been registered to another system despite the fact that I just unboxed it brand new from Amazon. I tried multiple times and deleted the system and a bunch of other things and it doesn’t work it literally is already registered to another system but was boxed up his new from Amazon. This is very much frustrating because of the time it takes to mess around with it any ideas?

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You need to get in touch with amazon it could have been a return that was not reset

Did you buy it from Amazon via the Blink page, or did you buy it on Amazon? Lord help you if you got it from Amazon deal of the day site Woot. Another question would be how much did you pay for a brand new sync module and did you buy sync module 1 or sync module 2.

Brand new from Amazon sync module 2

So how do I get in touch with Amazon. Do I have to send it back just so they can reset it I mean that sounds insane?

How to contact blink for support, returns, etc. is in your mobile app. Blink may reset it for you.

p.s. never ever buy stuff on apil fools day.

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No, you do not have to send it back, if you have clear evidence that you bought it brand new from an approved reseller, which obviously Amazon are.

Blink can clear down the database so it no longer thinks it is registered. Not sure how a brand new product could be wrongly marked as registered, but from time to time odd things happen with all such things.

Same with flight controllers for model aircraft. Needs to be in their database to get support, upgrades, etc, but sometimes it just isn’t there, when it should be, after having been purchased brand new. Never happened to me, but I’ve read about it a good number of times. Shouldn’t happen, but they always put it right when contacted. Blink will too, in your case.

There are many examples in the forum where people cannot prove it is theirs, and they have been totally rejected by Blink in terms of support for this issue, so have all your ducks in a row with regard to the purchase details, serial number, etc, etc, before you call them.

Obviously I have the receipt from Amazon and can send a screenshot exactly all its details. They should be able to see you in there database that it was registered to another user which means that Amazon is actually reboxing used equipment and selling it as new. making a bit of a mistake here As It Seems like they’ve been caught. I would not trust any of their so-called new equipment in the future if it comes from the company. It should not matter however because this is just some wires and chip. What should matter is that it’s not easy to deal with when you have already registered it to another user. How do I reach technical support? It’s not easy on this site

Once again, that is in your mobile app.

Personally, I would return it, even if Blink can reset it. The fact it’s been registered means it’s not BRAND NEW as you paid for. Who knows why it was originally returned. Just my 2 cents