Sync module question

Hello there,

A few questions … I currently have 3 blink mini cameras, 1 white wireless indoor camera and two outdoor cameras. I got all these last year in June 2000.

I thought I’d order one of the new blink indoor wireless cameras as they were on offer. So my questions are:

  1. do I need to connect the new camera to the sync module it came with? I’ve currently just put it on my original sync module I got with the cameras last year

Is there any advantage of using the sync module 2 over the original?

  1. I’m not sure if I’m grandfathered into lifetime cloud storage or not. I’ve had no countdown to my cloud storage going. Then I connected the new camera it did mention I would be getting free trial of the storage.

I believed the cut off was April 2020 and I got my cameras two months later but I’ve just never encountered any messages about subscriptions and free trials until today. I’m based in the UK

Thanks in advance all

The Blink support website aka the owner’s manual has your answers.

hi thanks for the reply i’m finding it difficult to actually find the answers to the questions based on the website. Its quite muddy to find actual answers and i dont think the questions on the site answer what i want

If anyone else can assist with the answers to my two questions i’d really, really appreciate it

  1. No you do not need to connect devices to the new sync module 2, but if you do not, you will not be able to make use of local storage via USB, which I suspect you will need on the newest of cameras, unless you take out a subscription.

  2. You are only grandfathered in if you created your Blink camera system ‘account’ before 15th April 2020 and that is still the account you are using now.

If you are using XT, or XT2 outdoor cameras, they will always have free cloud storage, they were sold as such. If you have new indoor or outdoor cameras, and you are not grandfathered in (don’t forget, cut off for account pre 15 Apr 20), you will need a subscription, or will need to try and make use of local storage, via USB, in the sync module 2, but only for those new cameras.

Minis, don’t really know how they work, sorry.

What Sutty just told you is the exact same info thats within blinks support website. There’s nothing muddy about it.

The muddy part is reading through multiple articles to find the answers you want. Pretty much the same thing as doing research through Google or your favorite search engine.

I could clear the mud by posting the exact links you’re looking for. But now I’m doing your research for you for free.

Waaaaay to many employers hiring to work for free nowadays.

hi there thanks

with a blink mini camera could i bring my xt and xt2 outdoor cameras onto this which already have free cloud storage for life or will that trigger something? also is there any benefits with the sync module 2 other than being able to save remotely?