Sync Module Offline - Won't Reconnect

I am having connection problems. The system was set up with no problems 2 months ago, suddenly went off line. My sync module is located 1foot from my router but does not see it. I have tried numerous times to add a module with the app with no luck. I have deleted it but my WiFi is never listed by the app. I have tried to access my WiFi manually as a hidden network but always get the message unable to connect to the blink servers.

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Hi @bvaita,

Have you tried power cycling your sync module? I would recommend contacting support either through a support ticket or by calling them at (781) 332-5465. They will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help you resolve this!

I have tried powering cycle several times to no avail. Will try support. Thanks for responding

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Keep me updated with what support says and how they resolve this issue!

I was having the same problem after changing my WiFi be pass word. After I reset the router and wifi, I noticed that the module had to be connected with the 2.4 GHz only. When I connected to my 2.4 GHz, it connected and is working

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The module is a stupid spying gadget for the illuminati it’s basically irrelevant doesn’t need to be part of the package lol I’m accualy thinking about taking the whole thing back I only bought this device blink yesterday and and my module already offline. I don’t know how to reconnect lol.

I believe the sync module is how the cameras and server communicate while the cameras are in standby mode. It uses low frequency radio instead of wifi.

Not for spying. That’s what your cellphone is for.

Hehe :yum:

I have recently bought an XT2. Twice in the last 2 weeks the wifi has gone off briefly and the Blink SM would not reconnect.
First I was told this would happen if wifi was off for 30 secs or more, then maybe 30 mins. Today after it was the only piece of kit not to reconnect, I switched it off, went out for 5 hrs, came back and when I rebooted the SM it reconnected.Technical can’t say how long the SM needs to be off. It seems to me that this is a defect in the SM.

My blink system disconnected overnight. I’ve had the system for about a year and have had no issues so far. No change is wireless settings/router/location of sync module etc., it just disconnected spontaneously while I was sleeping. Disconnection has occurred in the past during power outages but it has automatically re-connected after the power came back on. I unplugged it and plugged it back in a few times but no luck.

Also, the customer service number doesn’t work! I get a message saying “the number you have called is incorrect, please check the number”. I really need to talk to tech support, how do I get hold of them?

The above number is correct.

781-332-5465 if you are in the US.

Just verified that it works.

That is bizarre, I just tried again (and yes I double checked that I dialed the correct number). I get a message “The number or code you have dialed is incorrect. Please check the number”. I am in the US

try resetting your phone? I just called again, it’s going thru.

I don’t understand why I can’t get through. I tried calling from my daughter’s phone and I get the same message. Wish I could post a video on this forum to show you the number & audio message

oh I believe you - no doubt. Do you have a landline you can try from?

Another route, is to hit “contact support” in the menu,and try it that way.

I did, I submitted a ticket to tech support. I will try calling from a landline when I get to work :slight_smile:

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Same issue here… been using two outdoor blink cameras with no issues for months suddenly the sink module went offline and will not reboot. I called tech support and she walked me through multiple power recycle and nothing worked. She is mailing me a new module… good grief.

Same issue here… been using the system without fault for months.

Suddenly it disconnected from my wifi and despite many power cycles etc… it won’t reconnect.

shoddy piece of hardware

As of a couple weeks ago, when I changed my router out, I changed the password, and the new one has a non alphanumeric character as part of the password. I thought I read somewhere that the router password can not contain non alphanumeric characters. Is this the problem, Otherwise I follow the steps of changing password , I reset the sync module, I wait and connect to the module described, click on my router name, and enter the password. It will NOT connect, stating likely a bad password.Guess I will need to set up a ticket with support.