Sync module not working

Soooooo I got a blink system for the house, 3 cam and the sync module. I created account, then tried to add the module . It start with the blue light blinked as its suppose to. Then as I try to connect it goes opposite, green blinked and solid blue. Then it switch to red. And seems offline.

Hi. Are you sure your router is 2.4ghz and not 5 ghz as the module only connects to 2.4ghz

Well, i had it all back in the box, then decided ill try obe last time. And it work, tried it the same way as the 358times from yesterday. Now its working. It was a disturbance in the force.

i had exactly the same issue! i bought the xt2 today new set up working for a few hours then offline, tried to remove and add the sync module again and got this exact same issue!still not working for me yet what the hell!

any tech rep here to explain why?

I received mine and reset 10 times, goes all the way to connecting to server and just spins. Sitting in same room as router so I know good signal, says connecting to router, turn gives error page. Never connects to server. Ready to return whole thing to Amazon. Can’t get answer from tech support. Agree with others.