Sync Module dropping off WiFi

My 1 camera Blink XT2 system has been running fine for a couple of weeks. I never noticed until recently that the Sync module was only showing 1 bar of signal, but it never seemed to matter anyway. The Sync module is literally right next to the BT Home Hub and the camera showed maximum signal to the WiFi and the sync module. I was very happy.

So, being so happy, I added a 2nd camera this week…and now, no end of problems. The Sync module keeps dropping off WiFi. Everything has been restarted and makes no difference, Everything else on my WiFi (2.4 and 5ghz separated) is working perfectly and there’s quite a lot so its easy to test.

At this moment, the little $od literally won’t connect back to WiFi and I’m now convinced its an antenna issue. When looking for wireless networks (and i’ve tried this with my router AND the hotspot on my phone) if the sync module is literally sat on top of the router (or the phone) then it shows full WiFi signal. As soon as I move it just a couple of inches away, it drops to a single bar. It’s hilarious (in a completely unfunny way).

Ticket now logged with Blink. Fingers crossed. I’m rapidly becoming sick of a system I really liked a couple of days ago.

Edit:I have now got it back on WiFi but to do it I have had to literally rest it against a WiFi extender that I had elsewhere serving a bunch of other devices. If I moved it 3 inches from this, it couldn’t connect, it actually needed to be tucked behind it…and it goes from zero signal to full. It’s ridiculous. But hey, right now 2 cameras and a sync unit showing maximum signal strength across the board! (but it can’t stay like this, it’s clearly got an issue).

Sounds like there’s definitely an issue with the sync module. I’m sure support will come to that same conclusion when you describe what happens. The fact that you can connect it, when it is right on top of the router, or extender, demonstrates that the are no strange port issues, or anything along those lines, and the fact that moving it a short distance away then disconnects it, and shows zero signal, shows there is something wrong with the circuitry, whether that be antenna or not.

I assume, having now connected it, if you move it away, and it loses connection, if you move it back, it automatically reconnects, even if it takes a minute or two. If so, this would again demonstrates no actual comms issues, other than signal power.

Update a week or so later: Blink support were excellent. They tested a few things and then sent me a new Sync module which now works perfectly. Very happy. Well done Blink.