Sync Module Account issue


I bought a camera brand new but realised I never got a sync module.

So I tried amazon then ebay and found a second hand sync module.

It will not let me register my account because it has an old account.

Can you help please?

Phil Roberts

You need to contact support. It won’t be easy, as Blink has no idea if the module was stolen.

Find your paperwork.


Thanks for getting back.

I got it from a seller on ebay, I have all the purchase history from ebay is that ok?

Maybe not. Perhaps the seller is dealing in stolen goods.

Contact the seller and try to get it unregistered.

Try a reset? I rather doubt that will work because of the serials. Maybe. Little pin hole and a paper clip. Press, hold for at least five minutes.

Reset will not help. Only tech support can fix this type of problem.

Remember, RTFM. Read the friggin manual. The owner’s manual is at:

All that reset button does is put the sync module back into setup mode. Waiting at least 5 minutes will do nothing more.

This is what the original registered owner has to do to allow Blink hardware to be reused via the new buyer.

Hi mate,

Looking at your info does this mean the seller needs to have the sync unit with him to delete the sync unit off his system?

Or can I read the number to him to remove it?

The instructions show deleting cameras, then sync module, then account. If you have the hardware unplugged, I doubt the delete routine would work.

It is much easier to simply call customer support via the mobile app. If you can prove the path to the original owner, they will reset it for you.