Sync Module 2

When v2 goes on sale and i make a purchase, what am i meant to do with the original sync module ?

Whatever you want! Keep in mind the new sync module local storage only works with the Blink Mini.

Edited to add “local storage”

Odd because on saying it works with any Blink Indoor, Blink XT, Blink XT2, and Mini cameras unless subject to change.

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It works, but the specific bonus feature, of local storage, only applies to the mini, so far.

You experts might want to do more research on that SM-2 only working on mini.

While you’re doing that extra research…

Terms of service, warranty, returns/refunds, are now linked off from Blink websites to Amazon’s control and websites.

May explain lack of Blink involved here in this community last year or so.

Read back Joel. We said (I edited my original answer) that it will work with all cams but only the Mini can use the local storage as stated in Amazon’s description. It all got kind of confusing for a while! LOL

No need for anyone to read back far, that’s exactly what I said, in the post before Joel’s, and it is accurate. It’s exactly what Joel’s link says anyway, so not sure why the challenge. Supports all existing cameras, indoor, XT and XT2, but local storage is only for the mini. Not really sure how that could be misconstrued.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.
Edits have been made to correct misinformation and/or bad assumptions.

Not to mine, and you used a plural.

The,Grammer police are defunded in USA. Get over it.

Other than local storage, what is the difference between Module 2 and the previous (blue) sync module?

Great question! So why should we get rid of the old style sync anyway if they are working fine ? Where can you still purchase the old style sync modules? You would think that if Blink no longer supports the old style that they would offer a trade in program.

they no longer make or sell them… you will have to look at 3rd party places such as ebay if you want a version 1 sync module.

Blink still supports it, they no longer sell it. Same thing happened when XT-2 came out. XT-1 still supported, but no longer for sale. This is called planned obsolesces. Same thing happens with other electronics. Laptops, tablets, cell phones, smart devices, etc. Want the new features and benefits, you have to buy it. Tech companies always release the new goodies in little bits at a time. That maximizes profits. The really good companies turn the products into a cult and status symbol then handsomely overcharge for it. Welcome to Apple and Samsung.