Sync Module 1 to Sync 2 and back

So this is what I did –
• I purchased a Blink camera with Sync 1 about a year ago.
• Purchased more cameras with Sync 2 recently but did not add Sync 2. All cameras were connected to Sync Module 1. All good.
• Added Sync 2 to test is. Started getting the countdown from 30 days to 0 days in the Blink app. Understandable.
• Removed Sync 2 (physically and from the app) and redirected all cameras back to Sync 1. Everything worked but the Message was still showing up.
• Today, it reached 0 days and videos are no longer being recorded. It wants me to sign up though Sync 2 is completely disconnected.

Is there a way for me to fix it and get back the free cloud storage I had at one point? Thanks.