Support Mailbox full?
The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.

Welcome to the forums! I’m not sure why you had a problem but I just sent them a test message and it went through just fine - are you out of the U.S.?

Yes I’m out of the U.S. (Germany). But that’s not the point.
I posted this in the middle of february and it obviously took over one month until it was approved by the forum admins to appear here? One day after my post, the mailbox was receiving mails again and my problems were solved.

As you read thru the thousands of message threads here, it is obvious support in USA is way better than non USA. UK/England pretty good. Germany probably not as good.

There are no employees nor admins that post here anymore. That stopped over a year ago. This community forum is simply blink owners helping out other blink owners. The official support website is How to contact Blink via phone and email is listed in Blink’s mobile app.

It is very much the point. Posts are not preapproved before showing on this forum (at least in the US and England). Looking at your original post how would anyone know you posted it in Feb? No way to tell as you did not give us the details. Anyway, glad to hear your problem was resolved.

Blink won’t assist me!

Keep whining all over this forum and nobody will want to assist you! Have you tried CALLING as I advised you to do in one of your other 15 posts on this same subject? THIS… FORUM… IS… NOT… TECH… SUPPORT. … (I typed it real slow so you would possibly get the message.)

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News flash
None of us work for Blink.

I’m guessing Blink tech support is not 24/7/365 anymore. Just a guess but hey, even i get lucky guesses now and then.

Blink misleads Customers. The majority of the reviews are fake too.

You can call it whining, I call it no support. Blink ask for permission to access my system, I authorized it. Then nothing! How can they treat customers like that? They advertise quicl/easy setup, some reporting in minutes. It takes minutes to get the module to connect, then even more minutes to locate the module. I have both, including my phone within 5ft of my modem won’t locate it. The 1st system connected, located the module, the module was further away. It nnever located the camera. Explain that. Modem/module were rebooted, still not located the module,system was deleted too…
I followed all troubleshooting steps, viewed You Tube,reread all steps, still no success. I’m asking for help from anyone that cares. If nobody wants to help, that’s fine. I never ask for smart ■■■ support. I’m within the return period so I can return it if Blink won’t help. I appreciate all the replies.

The more you bitchh in a public forum, the more the public turns into smartazzes. This place is like kid glive kind compared to real social media platforms. Go on reddit, facedbook, twitter, instagram, etc. and you’ll get hung by your toenailks. All that aside, NOBODDY here can help you. We can only guess as to what your problems are. We do know collectively that most problems are wrapped into 3 categories.

1 user network problems
2 wifi signal problems
3 bad Blink hardware

1 = use the routethis software to find your network problems More info on routethis is on the Blink support website

2 = did you know that 5 feet may be too close for wifi signal?. Yaa, too close is a thing sometimes. Do your indoor testing at 15 feet, not 5.

3 = warranty exchange or money refund. That is customer’s choice.

Blink works for most but certainly not everyone. Way too many combinations of home wifi networks, existing devices on networks, and mobile devices to host the Blink mobile app. It’s not possible for Blink to pretest all those combinations. As such, you get to do the 30 day try it before you buy it. Don’t like it, exercise your give me my money back refund option.

But you have to help yourself. That is the self install, self diagnose, self tweak, self test, self education, do it all yourself. Or you pay more money for a better system that uses a pro installer.

Go run the routethis software tests. It’s free and would go along way to your self education of is your home network a problem or not. Read ALL of these articles

I forgot I have to help myself and self -educate. Thank goodness there’s people out there they identified my problem. I appreciate your help. I’ll immediately self-educate myself. I failed to remember I have to self-educate myself. Now I’ll be able to setup my system easily within minutes as advertised. I’ll be sure to pull my head out of my a… and get right on this. Never ever depend on the mfg for help. Never read instructions either. Never depend on tech support, they are there just to get paid for doing nothing. Just self-educate and the system will be up in no time.

And now you know why nobody will help you. You yourself just turned into the smartazz. You’ve been fed enough troll pellets.

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You’re such a kknd,knowledgeable and helpful person. Blink could use someone like you. With your knowledge you could replace all the other techs. I bet if you contact Blink, they would hire you on the spot. Probably get minimum wage and work remotely from your basement. With your help I got my system up and running. Now I can spy on you.

I work for free
I’m retired

Me too!

Me three! LOL

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Me four.

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