Super loud noise on XT2 model

I just spent 2.5 hours with technician to inspect the loud noise when I watch live or view recorded videos. It turned out to be an expecting figure that it cant be fixed. I am extremely upset because I can’t hear what is happening around my front house. My regular wireless Zmodo with power outlet works completely fine and so much better than this 3 times more expensive Blinks. The motion wasn’t detected after 10 seconds. Omg. The mailman drops his mail under 5 seconds and there is no clips of him doing that on the Blink. Lol. Can you guys tell me if all Blink XT2 makes that loud noise on live?

If you mean the budgies squawcking mine settled down as I used them

Did you pretend to be a professional installer and bench test them inside first? Confirm inside works, then move to outside.