Suggestions I have been holding on to over 1 year

I currently have 4 Blink XT2s and 1 Blink Outdoor. I have been keeping a list of suggestions/improvements over the last year. I WAS holding on to these because I keep getting emails stating I was accepted to the Blink Beta team ( 4 to date ), but every time I have signed the NDA, I hear nothing. When I emailed Blink Beta support and they finally replied, I was told that due to covid, they had postponed the Beta, yet I saw people posting later that were in the same Beta I was lied to about. So, long story short, I have given up on being part of the Beta team and figured my suggestions should be posted. So here they are, in one place in no specific order. I am sure many of these have been brought up before, but just wanted to list them all in one please. Opinions, thoughts, suggestions welcomed.

  1. I am on Android, and I am able to change the notification sound, but I would like to see this avaialble PER individual camera. ex. Doorbell sound for front door. Different sound for back door, different sound for garage. etc…

  2. Dedicated official Blink Windows/MAC app

  3. This is a bit outdated since Cloud accounts are now subscriptions for those not grandfathered. But the fact you get the same Cloud Storage for 1 cameras vs 10 seems silly. I am not saying DOUBLE it, but if you spend the money on more than one camera, more storage should be included.

  4. When the connection is down, the cameras blink a red light. Same if the batteries are dying. Personally I think this should be able to be shut off, as would be intruders seeing a blinking red light to me is an invite to break in. Sure, most associate a red light with recording, but in todays day and age, even thieves can be tech savvy.

  5. Multiple arming profiles. I am sick and tired of having to flip flop motion on cameras depending on the time of day I want them armed. There should 100% be multiple arming profiles. ex,
    If I am leaving during the day I only turn on my front porch camera. At night I want all cameras armed. Having the ability to have Profile 1, 2, 3 etc is a must.

  6. The ability to “Heart” a video clip so that it doesn’t get deleted after the designated duration selected in the app.

  7. Option to have an embedded date and time within the video clips. At this point it’s useless for law enforcement if there is no way to prove a time stamp.

  8. Now let’s talk about the awful way Blink has initiated 2 Factor Auth. First. Forcing this when the only way blink has provided sharing of accounts is with the same email address is ridiculous. The only way 2 factor would work under these circumstance is if Blink used Google Authenticator. Right now, 2 Factor is a security risk, dangerous. If my wife who has blink on her phone shared with my email account is in danger and needs to access the cameras and 2 factor is required, I get a text. What if I am not home? Blink as caused a HUGE issue here. Blink needs to

  • Correctly implement 2 Factor with the ability to use Google Auth

  • Allow separate profiles not using a shared email

  • Allow people to opt out of 2 factor. It’s 2021. Personally my phone that houses the blink app has finger print security. If people don’t have that they use a PIN or Password. I am sorry but if people have handed out their password to someone that would compromise their account, that’s on them. I would be happy to sign a waiver opting out of 2 Factor/

There it is folks! What do you think.

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I posted the thread below back in Feb 2019. Blink is what it is and it all comes down to the Amazon buying out Blink event.

Study why Amazon bought Blink and for how much.
Study why Amazon bought Ring and for how much
Study after those two acquisitions, how much Blink grew and how much Ring grew.

I see in that entire thread the only reply from anyone from Blink was:

I think you are right, I think a gag order is in place. I don’t see the point of an official Blink Community if no one from Blink participates when it comes to threads like this other than to praise someone that LIKES their products.

What’s sad is they released the Blink Outdoor. Mind you it’s pretty much the EXACT same internals as the XT2, with a new Sync Module. Which I am sure the only reason it was released was to make money on the cloud subscription. Thing is, it’s still a “new” product so they should be taking customers that have spent money suggestions into consideration, other than ignoring them.

Sad, very very sad.

No gag order. You have to wait for the dozens of comments to load up.

They do take suggestions into consideration. This entire forum is a huge free marketing too for Amazon. The problem is those suggestions are implemented in other products rather than Blink.

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I agree with your suggestions - I really really want per camera (or at least per system) notification options. Not too bothered about the alert sound - but that’s nice - but I really want my outdoor cameras to be record only, and my high priority indoor cameras to be notify and record.

I actually have two systems - one for indoor, one for outdoor - so I can schedule differently. Just need that notification toggle now!

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