Suggestion/Improvments: Hightlight motion, reduce retrigger time, speed up notifications

I have 3 x XT2 systems mounted externally around the house and after spending few days getting the settings ‘just right’, I am well happy with the cameras. All 3 are happily recording and alerting, and the original batteries still showing “OK” after 7 months ‘moderate’ activity.

3 x suggestion to improve the system:

  1. I do occasionally get a few ‘false positives’ and it would help greatly if the area of movement in the image could be highlighted. Often it is apparent when a car’s headlights triggers the PIR in a masked off area, but there is some subsequent change occurs the un-masked area, or a bush/tree moves in the wind. I doubt it is possible but an indication of the IR (heat source) that triggered the event would be brilliant!

1.b Having a setting for ‘level of movement’ would be good. I assume the current setting is for the PIR detection level.

  1. While a re-trigger time between events can be useful, it should ideally allow for it to be reduced to 0, or turned off. Having a minimum of 10 seconds means that longer events have significant gaps between the clips. I have the clip lengths set to 30s, and while I could increase this to 60 it would mostly unnecessarily consume more storage and battery.

  2. The delay in receiving notifications negates most use of the 2-ways audio communication, with the ‘visitor’ leaving or having left.

3.b Even when I am already aware that someone is approaching the house, I find the live-view/ talk unavailable with the message ‘camera busy’, presumably because it is busy recording/uploading what is live.


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It would be sweet…but they is an awful lot to ask for from a $70 Wireless, free cloud storage, home security camera

I don’t believe it is too much to ask for and sure they could implement (XT2):

  1. Re motion tagging: They are already monitoring image changes after an IR detection. I also have the much cheaper (indeed it was free for me) Neos camera, and this can clearly show area(s) of movement on recorded clips. The Neos camera also allows the level of ‘motion’ to be selected, and also includes noise detection to trigger recordings.

  2. Re re-trigger time: I have no idea why Blink has a minimum re-trigger time of 10seconds while it can potentially lose activity. Again the much cheaper Neos camera captures all activity - to a free cloud service.

  3. Re delay in notifications: Yet again, the cheaper Neos camera alerts arrive a few seconds after the event, much quicker than Blink.

I am very happy with my Blink cameras and I am sure that they could be improved further, and I hope Blink appreciate any/all customer feedback.

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