Stop Notifications

Hi, everybody!
I don‘t want any notifications from the camera.
Is there a possibility to avoid notifications from the camera. I just want to check the videos on the cloud.



Yes. App setting. Take a peek. That website is the owner’s manual.

Type in notifications in the search field.


No problem, mate.

System Settings–the cog wheel.
Manage Account.

You can turn them all off or just some. I would problem keep the one On about Health and the one that mentions System Connection.

Mate…we’re trying to teach people to fish.

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Gramps is going all out to play the game of newbie expert. He knows so much he even went into his forum settings to hide his profile. Reminds me of Hiden Biden but that’s a different story.

May want to start with learning how to effectively use a screenshot tool; looks like a circle drawn by my two year old grandson.

Maybe not. The grammer and document markup police have been defunded. Ya get what ya pay for around here Gramps.