Stolen cameras

Can I or Blink track a camera that has been stolen?
Also can someone just steal my camera and add it to their blink system after I’ve hooked it up and synced it ?

Welcome to the forums! If the camera has been stolen there really is no way for you or Blink to track it since it can’t be added to another account. Just be sure to keep it registered on your account. The camera cannot be added to another account unless/until you deregister it from your account.


Report the camera as stolen to Blink. Blink will then brick it via the serial number. Blink users can never get a brick working again.

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Thank you very much for the quick response.
Thankfully my cameras have not been stolen but it seems an easy thing to do. Only one camera is in reach I guess I will consider moving it.
Thanks again

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Some tips on mounting location. Note height of camera as well as motion sensing to be perpendicular to camera rather than parallels - directly at camera.

more info on camera placement