Still shot instead of video

Camera works fine in live view, but increasingly, I’m finding that there are events where the camera is being triggered but the video shown is less than a second (I’ve got it set for 50 second clips).
In some instances the clip is just a half screen black and the other half of the clip is the area the camera is pointing at.

I would look at low battery or poor WiFi signal. Probably just low battery, because that affects WiFi performance too.

Ignore the app, which more or less always says the batteries are good, as it is notoriously inaccurate. Replace with brand new lithium, test, and if it still fails, bring it close to the router and sync module and test again. If you take that to mean the batteries were already good, utilise them elsewhere, rather than putting a part used set back in the camera. If when close to the router, with new batteries, you still don’t get your 50 second clips, contact support, and explain what you have already tried. If it now works, in close proximity to the router/sync module, consider your placement of those itmes.

Maybe your router got moved slightly. It’s happened to me. I have one camera at 80 feet or more, through a couple of walls, and if I so much as move my router by 5 degrees, my camera stops working. I have to have the router precisely positioned to get this good performance, reliably. At this range, my sync module is equally susceptible to problems of being moved slightly. I now know where they both need to be, and I move them back, if ever they are slightly moved, and all is well again.

Good luck.

Ironically, the app used to show batteries worn out even though they were still good. Soooooo the brilliant people go, well hell that’s easy to fix. Change the the threshold for activation.

Kind of like the PCR threshold for Covid-19 tests. You turn it up or down at will depending on what results you want/need.

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