Sticker location

In the UK what are the rules on the location of the warning sticker?

What are examples of rules you’re questioning?

Where they the sticker needs to be placed

I think @suttyblink would be the person to answer this as he lives there.

In your window (I’m in the UK) wherever it can be seen by a potential thief. Don’t think there is any law preventing this. After all, you can put Neighbourhood Watch stickers on show.

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No, sorry, not a clue. I haven’t used any of the stickers, and nor would I care if I did. I would just put them up, so they could be seen, where I wanted them. If I am supposed to have them up, to comply with the law, I don’t care about that either, but, if there is a law, then there is no doubt, putting them face down on the back of your door mat would not count, so Dave’s suggestion of putting them in the window seems sensible to me.

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