Squrriels Attacking Cameras

I am having an issue with squrriels chewing on the motion sensor on the cameras I own. At first I thought it was rather funny but then I realized the motion sensors have some major bite marks on them. I am not sure if they think it is a nut or what!

Any thoughts on how to stop this?

If possible I will upload a picture later to show the damage.

Put the camera in an enclosure.

I’m sure there are commercially available products for repelling squirrels and other pests that could be applied to the camera, though I’ve never had to look into that myself.

I actually came here looking for help with a similar problem. Mine is a raccoon, and he’s chewed the diffuser clean off the ir sensor. Any idea if these can be repaired?

Oh, that’s unfortunate. One suggestion… if possible, don’t mount the camera on a tree so you’ll be less likely to get curious critters finding it. I wonder if they’re confusing it with a bird feeder.

I have the same problem! I looked and they said put vics rub on them. A little late, but I hope this helps someone!

Sounds like that might well work. Nice one.