Some ideas for the Blink developers

Folks, glad you’re back with a new product. It’s good to see that Blink is still alive.
Now please, start adding features. The system is a bit lacking when compared to the competition. Some ideas that could be done easily:

  • geofencing. We need to be able to automatically deactivate/activate systems whenever we leave home or come back. It’s an important feature. Alexa integration is nice, but useless because we need to deactivate before entering home and activate after we left home. Geofencing can do it, and automatically.
  • temperature graphs. You have a sensor… Use it! You’re an Amazon company, don’t tell us you can’t get some storage space on DynamoDB. :wink:
  • timed pictures: the system automatically takes a new picture for each camera every day at fixed configurable times, e.g. every day at 9am. It does so automatically only when it’s armed. This way, when you open the app, you see a recent picture of your house. If a camera falls down, you see it. If a pipe broke and your house is flooded, you see it.
  • app improvements. It’s unbelievable that the text overlays the other ui elements when using a language different than English. The app really needs some polishing (if not a redesign).
    We love the system, if you want to stay on top, think about software features and not only hardware.

Would be great to improve Usb port to backup video on external storage when Internet is down. In the pack there is a Sticker (Protected by Blink xt). A thief who now the system can easily disconnect connection to neutralize the video system!!

  • I have a 28 inches 4K screen on my PC but I can see a picture of my Blink XT HD 1080p only on my 5 inches phone and I cannot even zoom on it. So would be nice to access Blink from a browser.

  • For people like me, using a home automation software, how could we get the status of the motion detector and temperature to be able to trigger other stuff like turning on some ligtht… (please don’t tell me I have to use IFTTT).
    What about publishing this to a MQTT broker on my network, would be great, no ?

Currently, there are only two ways to view cameras on your PC.

1.) download an andriod emulator (such as Nox or bluestacks)
2.) download a third party program (search desktop viewer on this forum)

Neither are Blink endorsed.

Here’s a really simple idea. The part of the entire Blink package that the developers spent the least amount of time on and it shows. The brick that the USB cord plugs into is almost 2 in long, and then the cord plugs directly into that making almost 3 in Long. If you were going to plug this into a location behind a piece of furniture and plan to run the cord up to set the sync module on top of that piece of furniture, you have to make sure that piece of furniture is at least 3 in out from the wall. Either make this come with a low profile plug, a swivel of some type, or include a USB brick that also includes a USB port on the side. So, I had to buy a surge protector strip that included two USB ports. Another $17…

Also, it makes absolutely no sense to me that the cameras all have to individually connect to the Wi-Fi. Isn’t that not why there is a sync module??? The only camera that gets awesome connection is the camera that is literally less than 15 feet as the crow flies from the sync module which was installed right on the other side of the front door. When the second camera was installed on the outside about 30 feet from this first camera, the connection to the sync module is still five bars, yet connection to Wi-Fi is only one bar and extremely glitchy. Had to move it to a less desirable place in order to get two bars to the Wi-Fi and only errors out one out of four times now… sigh… Again, is that not why there is a sync module to handle all of the back and forth between the cameras, and then have the sync module communicate with the router in the home? Methinks somebody cheaped out on the sync module BIG TIME.

So, my solution is to order a Wi-Fi extender that I have not needed in my home until now (my home is NOT large by the way). So, bonus for Amazon as I have given them more money for a Wi-Fi extender that I do not need otherwise just to make their cameras work the way they are supposed to work…

So, if we are counting, that is $180 for the cameras and “sync module” (that still requires connection to Wi-Fi for the individual cameras ergo not a true sync module) and another $100 for a booster that I am only using for the system, and another $17 for a design flaw in the USB brick. …

I will be sold on buying a Blink system if and only if it can be viewed on my home PC. I don’t have a smartphone or compatible cell phone and only want to see the cams via my PC at home. Until this is solved I won’t be buying a system, or I will buy an Arlo system instead.

I would buy arlo or something else then. This has been asked for from the begining and it is still not available.


I too would like to be able to view stills and videos on my computer.

I would also like a higher resolution model available ( I realize this would cost more, probably be larger so mounting might not be as flexible, and would have shorter battery life [or possibly use bigger or longer-life batteries]).

I’ve noticed on my Android phone that if I share the video to something like Messenger/Whatsapp, then it’s really low quality. Probably more to do with the messaging apps I think. So I save the video to the phone, then use something like AirDroid to get it onto a PC. Videos are then better quality. Not brilliant, but definitely better.

Someone mentioned Geofencing. I would like profiles with Geofencing. So I have 4 XT2s on our balconies, and 2 Minis in the house. The XT2s are always on, mainly because if it’s a nice night that doesn’t require AC everything upstairs is open. However the Minis only need to be on when we are out of the house. So it would be good to be able to have a profile for when we are out and another for when we are in. The assign the profiles to Geofencing so it does it automatically when we go out or come home.

Also it seems lately that the motion detection stops now and again (XT2s as haven’t installed the Minis yet after getting them yesterday). Normally after we notice nothing has been picked up in a while we use the take a picture button on each camera to make sure it’s still working and the batteries have not run out, then disarm and arm again. All starts working again. Either fix the glitch or make it do what we do once a day.